Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Retailers Don't Hold Back Your New Year Resolution

Taking a new year resolution is the easiest thing one does, and forgetting it in a weeks time or by the end of january is common too.

Let me ask you a simple question, what for do we take a new year resolution ?

I am sure the answer is to pick up good habits, or to do some thing better on our school, college, office, businesses, employees and so on. Some new year resolutions are to stop the bad habits we have like, smoking, Drinking and drugs etc...

So why this new year resolution is all about and why majority of individuals take new year resolution, well the answer , to have a new and fresh start to life, relations, businesses and make things better for us and everyone who is associated with us.

For retailers new year resolutions is to improve the customer delight and improve as unit. Today's story of our young retailer friend Mahesh will tell you how he was holding back his new year resolution and what made him stick to his plans and win

Mahesh runs a department store, and is a busy man handling all the transactions and analyzing the outcomes every month, he was thinking for long to get a software for his business but failed due to lack of courage and holds back his plan;s year after another.

His father also contributes to the business and is not in favor of software and thus tells him, it is better to have control on our own hands rather then depending on a software.

All the education goes for a toss when your family insists you for not opting for right options and sticking to an age old traditional method of operating a retail store.

Mahesh has made up his mind of implementing the Departmental Store Software solution for his store and now he has to convince his father on the key features and benefits of the software solution.

Mahesh: My friend ramgopal, has a new resource for his store.
Father: Ok, what he does.
Mahesh: He does a lot of things, this resource is a genius
Father: Interesting What all he does, please share in detail

Mahesh: yes sure 

This resource performs the following activities:

  • Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes
  • Automate and handles inventory and purchase Management
  • Sales Promotions handling
  • Manages payment for Cash, Credit Card, Cheque 
  • VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling
  • Works on User Defined Day Books & Graphical Reports
  • Provides Complete MIS View & Reporting
  • Manages Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet
  • Makes reports in Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  • Manage the sales in in Kg/Mtr/Ltr/Sq.Ft./Pcs/Loose
  • Can develop and handle promotions, Loyalty card & coupons
  • Handle Weighing Machine
  • Option to bill for services
  • Manages Product Conversion (100KG to 20 Qty of 5 KG packs)
  • Is also capable of managing Multiple Stock & Sales Locations

Father: Impressed he does a lot of work. I am thinking of the benefits he will bring to our store ?

Mahesh: These are some of the benefits he brings to our business


  • Fast, efficient & personalized services to Customers
  • Plan marketing strategy based on sales trends
  • Track consumer preferences & detail purchase history
  • Access, analyze and share data across the chain 
  • Protect your investment with rich support and maintenance offerings
  • Reduce Investment on Inventory
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Effective Control over pilferage
  • Effective centralized control at HO
Father: Ask your friend to search for more such resources, i am convinces we must hire a resource who performs all these activities. How much does this resource Charges, Tell him we can's give more than 6000 per month and only 1 off in a month that too if necessary, and working hours may stretch a bit as per workload.

Mahesh: Alright i will. He has a resource who can join from tomorrow, shall i confirm him.

Father: Yes you can.

The very next day, mahesh had the software installed in his store and aligned it as per his needs.

His father enquired the next day where was that resource whom you were talking about ? and what are these machine for.

Mahesh : Father this is the resource i was talking about and it performs all the tasks.

Some other advantages are:
  • Never asks for holidays
  • Can work as long as we want
  • No salary hikes
  • Secure and faithfull
  • Provide Accurate information
  • It at a much lower cost on whcih you agreed to higher the resource. 
His Father smiled and told his son, that you made me realize the importance of change and how its beneficial for our business, i am proud of you.

So this is the small story of Mahesh and his Father and how mahesh kept his new year resolution for installing a software solution for his store.

We wish you a Very Happy New Year and Hope that you hold back to your New Year Resolutions like Mahesh.

Remember Change is the only thing constant and change has to be for good.

RetailGraph Team

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Merry Christmas to you all.

Yes you read it right we are asking if you have ever gifted anything to your business.

Before we start let us be clear that gifts are best accepted when the want of user or business is fulfilled.

Who don't like gifts and especially the one which helps you improve your efficiency and saves you time. An accountant would admire calculator or accounting software as a gift and the same goes for businesses.

But majority of us have never gifted anything for our businesses. Businesses also need to be nurtured and need special care to grow and improve.

Every time is a good time to gift products, services, processes, strategies, resources etc... to your business, however this is the best time (Christmas and New Year) to present the gift to your businesses.

Thinking, Planning, Executing and Monitoring are the best possible gifts for any business.

RetailGraph is the best software solution for Retail Stores & Chains and is the best gift for your stores and businesses this Christmas. This product is a result of extensive thought process, Planning, Execution and Continuous improvement through monitoring.

All this makes it the best software solution for retail stores and chains and also the best gift for your businesses. 

RetailGraph Caters to the following business lines

  • Pharmaceutical Stores
  • Ready made Garments Stores
  • Department Stores
  • FMCG/Cosmetic Stores
  • Electronics / Mobile Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hardware / Sanitary Stores
  • Shoes / Sports Stores
  • Books / Music stores
  • Home Furnishing Stores
  • Jewellery Stores

It works for companies to manage their

  • C&F
  • Distributors
  • Depos
  • Stockists 
  • Channels etc.

Some of the Key Features & Benefits of the software are:

  • Best for Point of Sale
  • Best for Inventory management
  • Best for Financial accounting
  • Best for Retail Chain
  • Best for Branch / C&F / Consignee / Distribution
  • Job Works Handling
  • Scalable as per retail requirements
  • Some of the benefits of the product are:
  • Access analyze & Reporting across the chain
  • Low operating cost through best supplier
  • Plan Marketing promotions and strategies
  • Fast efficient and personalized services to customer
  • Effective control over pilferages
  • Effective centralized control @ HO
  • Protect your investment with rich support and maintenance offer

Why Only RetailGraph as a gift ?

  • Comprehensive and works across platforms (Android, Web and Windows)
  • Technically sound & Globalized product from an experienced company
  • Quick Implementation
  • User friendly with easy to use features 
  • Value for money
  • Strong after sales support

What are you waiting for, gift "RetailGraph" to your business today.

Hope you have liked the post.

RetailGraph Team

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Retailers must do now to make 2014 better?

We all have resistances towards change, and it is within and not an external factor.

As rightly said -----“Your own enemy can’t harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts” -- Buddha

So it is essential for retailers to come out of the old thought process and adapt to acquire the new technology and idea’s which are helpful for them to grow their business and increase profits.

WE suggest retailers to plan today for a better tomorrow. Yes can plan to implement the Retail Store software now which makes your coming year -2014 a better year and brings prosperity.

Give yourself some time to answer some of the below mentioned point to start with.

1. Identify your best 5 or 10 customers and what you can do to increase your level of business with them next year.
2. Identify Products you can leverage hard with both your existing customer base and with new customers.
3. Identify the 2 big things you know if you change in your sales process will make a significant difference in your results. 
4. Identify customers/prospects you don’t mind to walk away from.

Retail Store solutions helps you to answer not only these questions but also helps you to identify more such points which needs answer and will help in growth of the retail store.

RetailGraph is so scalable that it not only handles your current requirement but also is scalable enough to help you for your future.

1. RetailGraph as an Desktop Application Helps you with over all Store management be it Accounting, inventory management, handling returns, replacements, discounts, deciding best vendor, calculating profits, fast moving goods, slow moving stock, expiry information and more

2. RetailGraph –E-store: Helps you integrate RetailGraph’s Desktop Application with your online store. Online Stores are one of the best utility in this busy world. They help individuals to books their order online, and relax at home; the store will deliver it to their door steps. This helps them to save a lot of time and can even return an item if they found it tampered. This has not only helped consumer but helped the retailers as well, it has increased their revenues, and a new store is running independently online.

3. RetailGraph on Android: RetailGraph is a future ready product, it works on android on Tabs, or Smartphone’s. This has given it power to be future ready for the changing retail requirements and changing technology.

Technology is ever changing and the computational powers doubles in every 2 years as per Moore’s law. It is hard to grow as fast as technology is changing but yes change to an extent is required to compete in the marketplace and grow businesses.

Hope you have liked the blog. Please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Why do people think RetailGraph is a good idea?

Hello, in today’s blog post we will share about why RetailGraph is appreciated by its partners
and how its Reseller base is growing.

RetailGraph is Retail management software, which is developed on dot net platform with back-end as SQL server. Its USP is its comprehensive and detailed approach which works for multiple trades across industry and also it ability to work across platforms like Window, Web and Android.

It works for corporate enterprise customers where it supports

· C&Fs
· Distributors
· Depo’s
· Stockist

And provides consolidated or real time reports and information to the management of the company. This helps them to take in time decisions and decide on the marketing strategies for business.

It also works for Retail Store Chain or single store formats covering the following:

· Departmental Store
· Readymade Garments Store
· FMCG / Cosmetic Distributor
· Electronics / Mobile Store
· Readymade Jewellery Store
· Hardware / Sanitary Stores
· Shoes & Sports Stores
· Books / Music Stores
· Gift Item Stores
· Home Furnishing Stores
· Pharmaceutical Store / Chemist Store

Apart from these detail it covers all the required features like, inventory management, Sale-purchase handling, promotions, scheduling reports/emails/SMS, handling accounts till balance sheet, and what nit, it covers every retailers need.

In addition to above points it also provides Online Support and training to users.

This has made RetailGraph every resellers delight, and helps them to confidently sell it to his clientele. RetailGraph has built a level of trust which is because of its benefits, easy to use features, scalable and robust working.

  • RetailGraph is a power packed software solutions and is a friend to every retailer. 
  •  It provides exceptional experience to retailers, which helps re sellers and dealers to sell it confidently in the market with surely of quality and results.
  • Backed up with 20 years of Retail and Pharma experience of SWIL
Hope you liked the blog please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Retail Software the right tool for Small Stores and Chains


Today's blog will share on how the retail store are adopting retail software, to improve the buying experience of the consumers.

There were times when we were reading about the extincttion  of Mom and Pop stores, years passed by and still mom and pop stores are holding good, and yes they have improved a lot.

Rather we should say they have pulled up their socks to fight with the Big names of the world.

Information and Technology is playing a major role in the makeover of the Mom and Pop Stores, due to which they have improved in their businesses at lower operating cost as compared the Big one's of the world.

Information technology makes the presence felt in the form of Electronic weighing machines-integrated with POS, Retail Software, Computers, CCTV Camera, RFID, Digital signage and much more.

Depending on the size of the store, the businessman and use IT to advance in the business. The myths are over, which says the automation, computerization and IT are to be used by Big setups Or Big names, rather now they are most appropriate to be used in these setups and the segment of small and medium retail stores is so big, that BIG names like IBMs and HPs of the world are focusing big time on this sector.

Main advantages using software solutions are:

  • Accurate accountability and Transparency 
  • Control over Pilferage
  • Reduction in Operating cost 
  • Complete Analysis of operations
  • Reporting across the store or chain stores
  • Scalable solution
  • Return on Investment
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Plan Marketing and Promotion Strategies and much more....

Apart from this there are advantages related to Small stores which Big Retailers can never provide and that is Sense of Belongingness, which is admired and well accepted in Tir 2- Tier3 and small towns.

When the technology clubs with the familiar & friendly attitude of the retailer it becomes a win win situation for retailer as well as for the consumer. As it empowers the consumer and gives him the confidence that he is buying the right product, and also helps retailer to manage the store operations in a much better manner.

We must say that retailers are becoming educated day by day and now understands the benefits of implementing software solution to help them in
  • Inventory management and control
  • Faster and accurate billing
  • Handling Returns and replacements
  • Compare and understadn who is best supplier
  • Facility to print own labels, and bill through bar-codes
  • Control on near expiry products
  • Know about Fast moving item,dead stock,slow moving item
  • Reports and analysis to understand consumer buying preference
  • Worry free accounting
  • Multi level security and much more..
And to add own they don't have any other strings attached to increase their operating costs such as:
  • Security -guards
  • Huge Electricity Bills
  • Ever increasing Rentals
  • Higher maintenance and more... 
These factors effect the margins

Not only that with the option to open their online store, has increased their sales and customer satisfaction levels. This can be done through Online Store Solution which can be integrated to the Retail Store software

We must say that retailers have understood the need of the hour and have adopted technology as their weapon to fight against the malls and the Big Stores. Earlier they were fighting only on the sense of concern they show towards the customer, but now they have the technology to stay ahead in the game.

Hope you liked the blog please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

RetailGrph: C&F and Distribution Management Software

Hello Today we will be sharing a story about one of our client who is a Pharmaceutical Major, and will share how RetailGraph helped it to smooth line the C&F and Distribution channel.

The Company shared the information which has 2 divisions which have separate products and the company is using a DOS based software before moving to RetailGraph(developed on dot net platform and with SQL server as the back end).

The challenges in terms of reporting, communication, and day to day operations were a big hassle and which needs to be addressed soon.  Thus to explore for a right solution is no more a want but a need for them.

RetailGraph Team has understood the complete scenario of the company which includes:

DOS based system at all the locations which is providing reports, this is a standalone application which syncs and shares data to the centralized server at the Head Office Location and once the information from all the locations is received then the the consolidation of the information is done to do the analysis and build the future strategy.

  • Other challenges were related to the authenticity of the information
  • Delay in reporting and dependency on the other locations
This leads to a lot of mundane tasks and hampers the productivity of the employees and thus increasing the cost.

They also needs to perform the following:

  • Separately maintaining the two (2) divisions 
  • Separate reporting and billing formats for these divisions
  • Batch no. wise stock managements
  • Real time assessment of information and Centralize Control of the C&F Locations
RetailGraph Proposed them the Online-Model which cover all the needed features of the organization.

Once they like the solution we proposed, the implementation started where in we request for the related details which is required to be incorporated in the software.

We created centralized master data for these 2 divisions, which is maintained at the Head Office locations and can be controlled centrally which means that any changes done centrally will reflect to the other locations.  This is real time and thus fast and accurate.

All the C&F locations were created and they have been provide the application which works online. Under the branches, division were created and location wise customer & a/c data is defined.

All the Purchases were centralized at Head Office, and locations can sell and request for stocks, for which stock is transferred to branches from Head Office

Branch/ location wise pricing and tax structures are defined respectively. Coordination and communication were made easy at all the branches.

Thus by providing the RetailGraph Solution there has been considerable impact in their over all efficiency, reporting and communication with the C&F locations is a lot more easier.

Moreover reports and information are available on real time basis, thus helping in faster implementation of strategies and in decision making.

The benefits of RetailGraph
  • PAN India support across the distribution network
  • Complete inventory management with visibility on available stocks /expiry /slow moving items
  • Availability of real time and accurate data.
  • Overall & Distributor wise business analysis
  • Ready to use software & quick implementation ,helps in enrolling new distributors faster
  • Provision for customization as per the need
  • Easy to use software with minimal training and low TCO

Hope you have liked the post, please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Retail Store Software - RetailGraph --- Growing Businesses

How Mr. Patel Celebrated a Jubilant Diwali with


Hello, we are back with our stories, and we hope you have read our earlier posts.

Which Shares about RetailGraph and how it works as a best retail store software.

Today’s story is about a businessman and his worries, and how RetailGraph helped him celebrate his Diwali in more joyous manner.

Mr. Patel has a Big Grocery Store in has to manage the staff and transaction on his own, to add more frequent requests on phone for free home delivery in and around the region is also a task that eats out most of his time.

It was the winters and the festive season is ahead with Eid-Dusshera and Diwali line up in stock and will approach in a month’s time. Usually we clean, paint and decorate our shops, home and houses and celebrate the festival.

But this season is different for Mr. Patel, with diminishing margins and increasing operational costs he is a little worried on how things will work for him and what should be done to expand and grow.

He thought he must invest in something fruitful during the festive season to give his business a boost, he was also afraid of picking up something wrong, so thought of introspecting on the challenges he faces, so that he can get a solution to remove or reduce those challenges.

Few of the challenges faced by Mr. Patel were as below:
  • Slow billing as using local software, which hangs at times and is not robust
  • Customer Engagement (although he know many familiar faces but can’t really make a connect with them )
  • Control over near expiry goods
  • Accountability for Lessing loose item in inaccurate
  • Managing Returns and replacements 
  • Managing the Order queues for home delivery 
  • Products without barcodes
  • Inventory Management with an understanding of fast moving item, slow moving item and more reports for analysis
  • Accounting Till balance sheet, can show daily P&L statement
  • Can import export data and can analyze the details
  • Best Vendor Selection
So the requirement was clear now he want an online store for his shop, which can be integrated with the Retail Store software which is also a requirement.

Apart from the above challenges Mr. Patel also wishes for the following:

To have an online store ( as many young customers have enquired about it so that they can log in and order online – being the oldest and trusted store Mr. Patel has a very good chance to target these customers in the region.) but is afraid due to the manageability

So with all these thoughts conceptualized in mind, Mr. Patel searched online for Retail Store Software and came across RetailGraph software solution from SWIL.

He understood all the details provided on their website along with the blogs and online videos, and thought of having an                                                                            online demo.

The Demo shown to him fulfills all his requirements and few of the benefits and features of the Retail software are as:

Best for Point of Sales

  • Fast billing using barcodes
  • Can print own barcodes
  • Promotion Handling – loyalty cards and coupons

Best for Inventory Management

  • Controls near expiry items
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Detailed Reporting and analysis to understand

Best for Financial Accounting

  • Service tax, VAT, CST Handling
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounting till balance sheet

Best for Retail chain

  • Consolidated reports on web
  • User rights for reports
  • Has an option to have Online Store

Access, Analyze, & Reporting across the chain
Low Operation costs through best supplier
Plan Marketing & Promotions strategy
Fast, efficient & personalized services to customer
Effective control over pilferage
Transparency and Control

And to add on RetailGraph can also be scaled up as per the requirement, it can be work across different platforms and is quick and easy to implemented, and can be used with minimum training required.

Most importantly the company provides strong after sale’s support.

Mr. Patel was quiet satisfied with the details and the demo of the product, and finalized it.

The Solution provided to Mr. Patel, suited him the best and he has his own online Store @ http://departmental.retailg.com/departmental/

This Diwali, Mr. Patels investment has paid off well, his online store is a hit in the region among the young office going crowd, which orders grocery and other items on day to day basis, this online store is also in sync with the software deployed at store, so managing the inventory is easy and simple.

Mr. Patel has discovered an increase of Revenues during the months, thanks to Diwali season, RetailGraph and the Online Store

Indeed Mr. Patel is celebrating a jubilant Diwali with RetailGraph.

Hope you have liked the blog post – please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reports & Analytics in Retail Store Software


Today's blog post will focus on understanding the importance of Reporting and Analysis, and how we customer must be educated about its needs and wants.

Well we all are familiar with RetailGraph and its detailed reporting and analysis features which help retailers to understand the function in more profitable manner.

RetailGraph which works across different trades fulfills the reporting and analytic related needs for the retailers.

It has the following reports 

  • Sales
    • Product Wise sales
    • Sales Transaction
    •  Daily Report
    • Check List
    • Refer By Wise Sales
    • Sales Detail Report
    • Customer Ledger
    • Collection Report
    • Return Status Report
  • Purchase
    • Product Wise sale 
    • Purchase Transaction
    • Daily Report
    • Check List
    • Product wise Purchase
    • Margin Reports
    • Purchase Details Report
    • Vendor Ledger
    • Payment Report
  • Transaction Status Rerport
    • Sales Return Status 
    • Sales Cr/Dr. Note Status
    • Sales Order Status
    • Sales Challan Status
    • Purchase Return Status
    • Purchase Cr./Dr. Note Status
    • Purchase Order Status
    • Purchase Challan Status
  • Account Reports
    • Day Books
    • Ledger Display
    • Trial Balance
    • Trading Account
    • Profit and Loss A/c
    • Balance Sheet
    • Funds Flow
    • Account Group Details
    • Bank Reconciliation Reports
  • Inventory Reports
    • Sales and Stock
    • Stock Details
    • Stock Ageing
    • Non Salable Goods In Stock
    • Hold Stock
    • Non Moving Items
    • Excess Stock
    • Expiry Details
    • Near Expiry Goods Purhase
    • Vendor Wise Near Expiry Analysis
    • Recorder Detail
    • Fast Moving Items
    • Min Qty Best Vendor Reorder Details
    • Product Wise Stock Transfer
    • Stock Ledger
    • Adjustment Report
    • Indent Report
    • Stock Transfer Report
    • Price List
    • Stock Valuation Reports
  • Profit Reports
    • Month Wise
    • Date Wise 
    • Customer Wise
    • Product Wise
    • Invoice Wise
    • Current Stock Profit
  • Customer Reports
    • Customer License expiry Report
  • VAT Forms
  • Declaration Reports
    • Form Stock Position
    • Pending Invoice Details
    • Form Register Report
  • User Check List
  • Check List
  • Schedule Report
  • Daily Summary Report


  • Product Wise Sales
  • Sales Transaction
  • Product Wise Purchase
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Stock Ageing
  • Receivables
  • Receivables Ageing
  • Payable
  • Payable Ageing 
  • Collection Report
  • Ledger Display
  • Trail Balance
  • Stock Details
  • Sales and Stock
That is to much right, 

And to add on further these reports have other combination to have more detailed reporting and analysis. So RetailGraph has ample of reports for your needs and requirements.

But still coming back to the point of Need and Want, software users must understand and clearly differentiate between their needs and wants to finalize the best solution for them. Best in terms of the work as well as commercially.

A need can further be divided into
(1) Stated needs, 
(2) Real needs, 
(3) Unstated needs,
(4) Delight needs, and 
(5) Secret needs.

Responding only to the stated need may short change the customer. For example, if a customer enters a hardware store and asks for a sealant to seal glass window panes, she is stating a solution, not a need. If the salesperson suggests that tape would provide a better solution, the customer may appreciate that the salesperson met her need and not her stated solution.

Hence both for the vendor and the customer it is very crucial to understand the needs to have the best experience through the software.

We at SWIL make sure that we understand the need in totality before sharing the solution.

We believe that solution needs has to be defined such that it covers what is immediately needed and it must have a little room to expand considering the future plans.

Retailgraph Covers reporting and analytic in detailed way, and we also develop customized reporting based on the special requirement of our clients.

However we feel it is more important for businesses to understand what is needed and what suits them, as there are Nth no. of reports and analytic which can be inferred and one can come up with, but is it really needed or required is the question that organisation must consider and ask themselves.

Hope you have liked the blog and the details shared. Please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Inventory Management is an essential part of Retail Management

Importance of Inventory Management

In a retail Store, managing inventory is very crucial and an integral of store management.

Inventory management involves different tasks like Product conversion, Issue Location Transfer, Receive Location Transfer, Reconcile Current Stock, Shortage, Surplus, Opening Stock Entry, Reconcile Opening Stock, Calculate Stock Value and much more. 

Above mentioned details are used for effectively managing the inventory.

Inventory management can be broadly classified in two ways:

Decentralized: Where in Purchase of inventory is done at individual store levels

Centralized: Where in Centralized purchase is done and then the inventory is distributed among the stores.

Inventory management is done to have the optimum count available, so that the customer always have the availability of products which will help retailers to provide a better experience to the customer through availability of stocks.

But not only stock availability is important but the availability of fresh stock is as much important as well, today consumer prefer to buy the best for his family and himself, and never minds checking the expiry & manufacturing date of the products. Thus rotating stock and keeping fresh stock is as much important as having the availability of the stock.

RetailGraph Helps retailers in managing the right inventory based on analytic of the buying behavior and pattern of the store.

Inventory management challenges are different for different industries, and varies from industry to industry.

RetailGraph support different trades and and helps to mitigate these challenges, It provides the following reports which will help in Inventory Management and control.
  • Sales and Stock
  • Sales Details
  • Stock Details
  • Stock Ageing
  • Non Salable Goods in Stock
  • Hold Stock
  • Non Moving Items
  • Excess Stock 
  • Expiry Details
  • Near Expiry Goods Purchased
  • Vendor wise Near Expiry Analysis
  • Reorder Details
  • Fast Moving Items
  • Min Qty Best Reorder Details
  • Product Wise Stock Transfer
  • Stock Ledger
  • Adjustment Reports
  • Indent Report
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Price List
  • Stock Valuation Reports
These reports provides a detailed insight view and analysis of the the Inventory and provides right direction to measure and control the optimum inventory level, which in turn helps in increase of profitability.

Through these reports and their analysis "RetailGraph" provides a lot more insight and helps to the store owners and facilitate them with the power of analysis.

Benefits of Inventory Management through RetailGraph:
  • Inventory Balance
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Repeat Customers
  • Accurate Planning
  • Warehouse Organization
  • Employee Efficiency
  • Inventory Orders
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Time Saving
  • Cost Cutting
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Friday, October 25, 2013



Yes its a win - win game if you care for your customer they also care for you by renewing the contract, sharing leads, spreading positive word of mouth and more.

Today's blog will focus toward customer experience and how it leads to higher profits and a win-win for the supplier and the customer.

Retailers and organisations have best customer experience while working with RetailGraph, and it enables them to provide the same to their end customer.

It is most crucial for companies to not let their customer face the "Post Sales Resonance", irrespective of the purchases made customers tend to experience this when not treated in the right manner after sales or the product doesn't perform as expected OR as shown during the demo.

It is crucial on the part of the companies to have a strong after sales services division which not only serves the customers who were facing problem but manages and maintains companies reputation and builds a positive image in the marketplace.

With RetailGraph you can be rest assured for the after sales support and services as the company has a dedicated Support center. We have a dedicated Customer Care Team which handles customer queries and provide online support.

Customer Care has always been a very essential part of businesses and it is important to address and handle customer queries and close the incidents raised by customers.

Incidents can further be classified into severity and priorities. To be precise majorly it depends on the following factors:

  • Whether the Billing has stopped
  • Whether the incident caused a business loss
  • Whether the majority of users are effected from the incident
  • Whether the key users are effected by the incident and more....
With RetailGraph you can be rest assured of services as we have a set pattern and process which we follow to provide services to our customer right from the beginning.

To start with we provide proper training after the installation of the solution, and takes acknowledgement from the customer. We provide training to the group of users as suggested by the customer. We also set the working pattern in the software as understood an shared by the customer and starts the transaction and software working at customers end.
Once the Day to day working has stated then the customer care team takes care of queries and concerns faced by the customer.

The Response and Resolution is based on the severity and priority of the incident.

Thus in this way we provide the continuous support to our customers and resolve the concerns.and also supports our customers by providing up gradation whenever a new version of the software is released. 

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Friday, October 18, 2013



In today blog we will be discussing on how it is important to stay 
ahead in the game which is BUSINESS

Businesses wishes to stay ahead of competition and always want to generate more and more profits, and at the same time reduce Cost.

We can say that COST is inversely proportional to MARGINS OR PROFITS, however you can reduce your cost to an extent to deliver the quality product and service.

We all are aware of the fact the the businesses are always changing and evolving, and so does the customers, so we must go with the flow and become smarter for business benefits.


# MOVE TO CLOUD WITH RETAILGRAPH - Don't delay any further

Businesses are moving to cloud services and take advantage of reduced capital costs and major time saving from the hosted platform for their IT-Services. Also you can choose the service model which suits you the best. According to a Research the spending on hosted services is growing @ 24% annually among Small and Medium Business.With RetailGraph you can host your database on Windows Azure cloud and work worry free with reduced cost.

Invest only when needed - no point in paying more when it works with lesser resources


RetailGraph works across platforms which gives management the flexibility to check reports on the move anywhere just on a click on their SMARTPHONES. Research shows that 85% Small and Medium Business uses smartphones in business.

Smartphone’s and touch screen devices are going to play a major role in this technological retail revolution.
Flexible reporting and Business Options 


Retail is all about customer experience and to achieve that you need accurate and timely reports, and analytic which helps you take more accurate and informed decisions.Efficiency of operations is critical in today's Retail environment and RetailGraph supports Retailers for smooth operations and informed decision making.

Unlocks the value of your data for better customer experience and to generate more Business with RetailGraph. Explore Reports and Analytic as needed. 


With all these options at hand, RetailGraph is a Software solution which is best suited for the Enterprises to manage their Distribution and Sales Network.

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