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Yes its a win - win game if you care for your customer they also care for you by renewing the contract, sharing leads, spreading positive word of mouth and more.

Today's blog will focus toward customer experience and how it leads to higher profits and a win-win for the supplier and the customer.

Retailers and organisations have best customer experience while working with RetailGraph, and it enables them to provide the same to their end customer.

It is most crucial for companies to not let their customer face the "Post Sales Resonance", irrespective of the purchases made customers tend to experience this when not treated in the right manner after sales or the product doesn't perform as expected OR as shown during the demo.

It is crucial on the part of the companies to have a strong after sales services division which not only serves the customers who were facing problem but manages and maintains companies reputation and builds a positive image in the marketplace.

With RetailGraph you can be rest assured for the after sales support and services as the company has a dedicated Support center. We have a dedicated Customer Care Team which handles customer queries and provide online support.

Customer Care has always been a very essential part of businesses and it is important to address and handle customer queries and close the incidents raised by customers.

Incidents can further be classified into severity and priorities. To be precise majorly it depends on the following factors:

  • Whether the Billing has stopped
  • Whether the incident caused a business loss
  • Whether the majority of users are effected from the incident
  • Whether the key users are effected by the incident and more....
With RetailGraph you can be rest assured of services as we have a set pattern and process which we follow to provide services to our customer right from the beginning.

To start with we provide proper training after the installation of the solution, and takes acknowledgement from the customer. We provide training to the group of users as suggested by the customer. We also set the working pattern in the software as understood an shared by the customer and starts the transaction and software working at customers end.
Once the Day to day working has stated then the customer care team takes care of queries and concerns faced by the customer.

The Response and Resolution is based on the severity and priority of the incident.

Thus in this way we provide the continuous support to our customers and resolve the concerns.and also supports our customers by providing up gradation whenever a new version of the software is released. 

Hope you have liked the blog, pleas share your comments.

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