Monday, September 16, 2013

USP of RetailGraph

USP is Unique Selling Proposition and it is an tool to fight against the competition and sustain in market.

WE at SWIL, are known for our Robust and Easy to use software products across different trades and specially for the pharmaceutical industry, and hence it would be wise to say that business acumen and knowledge on Retail Business, C&F and other stakeholders involved in the supply chain is our competency.

I ma sure by now you all have checked our earlier posts and are familiar with RetailGragph. It is a product developed by the competent team of professionals having vast experience in Technology and different trade for close to 20 years.

The USP of RetailGraph are its Comprehensiveness and its ability to Work Across Platforms. 

It is so Comprehensive that it can work across different trades in different roles like as a:
  • Chemist Software 
  • Pharma software 
  • Medical Store Software 
  • Pharmaceutical Software 
  • Software for Departmental Store 
  • Retail Software 
  • C&F Software 
  • Departmental Store Software 
  • Chemist shop software 
  • Pharmacy Software 
  • Retail Chain Software 
  • Electronic Store Software 
  • Gift Store Software 
  • Software for Garments 
  • Wholesale Software 
  • Furniture store Software 
  • Supermarket Software 
  • Shoe store Software 
  • FMCG Software 
  • Mobile Store Software 
  • Garment Software 
  • POS Software 
  • Store Software 
  • Accounting Software 
  • Distribution Software 
  • Software for POS 
  • Inventory Software 
  • Billing Software 
  • Stationery Software 
  • Warehouse Software and more
We have clients across different trades to prove how comprehensive is the the software package.

To add on to its ability to work across platform makes it agile and fits into different needs of businesses and their management.

It can work across different Platforms as:
  • Desktop Application
  • Web Base Application
  • Android Application

There are different options for Implementation of RetailGraph and you may refer the details @ Options are

  • Online Mode
  • Offline Mode
  • Online-Offline Mode
All the above features makes this a suitable choice to for businesses  as it gives you control of your business. 

Hope you have liked the details about the software.

Please share your comments.

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