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Merry Christmas to you all.

Yes you read it right we are asking if you have ever gifted anything to your business.

Before we start let us be clear that gifts are best accepted when the want of user or business is fulfilled.

Who don't like gifts and especially the one which helps you improve your efficiency and saves you time. An accountant would admire calculator or accounting software as a gift and the same goes for businesses.

But majority of us have never gifted anything for our businesses. Businesses also need to be nurtured and need special care to grow and improve.

Every time is a good time to gift products, services, processes, strategies, resources etc... to your business, however this is the best time (Christmas and New Year) to present the gift to your businesses.

Thinking, Planning, Executing and Monitoring are the best possible gifts for any business.

RetailGraph is the best software solution for Retail Stores & Chains and is the best gift for your stores and businesses this Christmas. This product is a result of extensive thought process, Planning, Execution and Continuous improvement through monitoring.

All this makes it the best software solution for retail stores and chains and also the best gift for your businesses. 

RetailGraph Caters to the following business lines

  • Pharmaceutical Stores
  • Ready made Garments Stores
  • Department Stores
  • FMCG/Cosmetic Stores
  • Electronics / Mobile Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hardware / Sanitary Stores
  • Shoes / Sports Stores
  • Books / Music stores
  • Home Furnishing Stores
  • Jewellery Stores

It works for companies to manage their

  • C&F
  • Distributors
  • Depos
  • Stockists 
  • Channels etc.

Some of the Key Features & Benefits of the software are:

  • Best for Point of Sale
  • Best for Inventory management
  • Best for Financial accounting
  • Best for Retail Chain
  • Best for Branch / C&F / Consignee / Distribution
  • Job Works Handling
  • Scalable as per retail requirements
  • Some of the benefits of the product are:
  • Access analyze & Reporting across the chain
  • Low operating cost through best supplier
  • Plan Marketing promotions and strategies
  • Fast efficient and personalized services to customer
  • Effective control over pilferages
  • Effective centralized control @ HO
  • Protect your investment with rich support and maintenance offer

Why Only RetailGraph as a gift ?

  • Comprehensive and works across platforms (Android, Web and Windows)
  • Technically sound & Globalized product from an experienced company
  • Quick Implementation
  • User friendly with easy to use features 
  • Value for money
  • Strong after sales support

What are you waiting for, gift "RetailGraph" to your business today.

Hope you have liked the post.

RetailGraph Team

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