Friday, March 14, 2014

This Holi - Change Discover and Grow


Forget the past and don’t over think the future just live in the present is the best policy. To focus on what you have in hand is important.

Holi bring cheers in our life as the Festivals are known as festival of colors, love, and victory of good over the evil. Indian festivals and rituals provide us so many chances every year to
transform our self and the one around us or the one who are associated with us, that this is actually the true spirit of a festival, which tells us to let go the past, and live in the present moment and try to transform our self for good.

Transformation can be of many types, be it internally for yourself and others or be it changes for good in your business or profession.

We would like to share our experience on how RetailGraph as POS software transforms businesses and touch many lives’s regularly.

RetailGraph helps them with day to day operations of a retail store, be it billing, accounting or managing inventory m Expiry etc. It manages it all.

All you need is the motivation to change and grow. You must change yourself to bring the change in people, things, and situations around you, and yes for our Retailer friends “RetailGraph” is the change they must adopt to transform their retail business.

The change and transformation brings freedom, joy and customer satisfaction through the following features of Retail Graph.

  • Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes
  • Available in both online & offline modes
  • Automate inventory and purchase Management
  • Sales Promotions handling
  • Payment options for Cash, Credit Card, Cheque 
  • VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling
  • User Defined Day Books & Graphical Reports
  • Complete MIS View & Reporting
  • Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet
  • Export reports to Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  • Sell in Kg/Mtr/Ltr/Sq.Ft./Pcs/Loose
  • Loyalty card & coupons
  • Weighing Machine handling
  • Option to bill for services
  • Product Conversion
  • Virtual Item/Kits Definition
  • Multiple Stock & Sales Locations

The Benefits

  • Fast, efficient & personalized services to Customers
  • Plan marketing strategy based on sales trends
  • Track consumer preferences & detail purchase history
  • Access, analyze and share data across the chain 
  • Protect your investments with rich support and maintenance offerings
  • Reduce Investment on Inventory
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Effective Control over pilferage
  • Effective centralized control at HO

RetailGraph is developed on the proven Microsoft's Dot Net Technology with SQL server as the Back End.

  • It works across platforms and is comprehensive in nature.
  • Supported by SWIL which has 20+ years of Experience
  • Quick Implementation with Simple and easy to use Features
  • Strong After Sales support provides value for money.
So this Holi let us initiate the change with in us and move a step closer to successfully manage our retail business.

Hope you have liked the blog, do share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Friday, March 7, 2014

RetailGraph for Hotel Room Booking and Restaurant Management

Hotel Management via RetailGraph

Today's Blog will tell you how RetailGraph is used for Hotels booking and billing.

To start with you have to create Products like

* Non AC Rooms
* AC Rooms
* Food items 

In the Product Master as shown below , these will be Virtual Products. 
In RetailGraph main Menu--> Master-->Others you will see the following screen where in you need to click on Accommodation Type.

In Accommodation type you can do the following entries:
  • Click on New 
  • Enter Details Like Description ( Ex. = Non AC Room)
  • Rate Hike By ( Hotels Overcharge on a Chips packet for which Retail price is INR 10/- )
  • Round off factor if any
  • Total no. of accommodation in this category of rooms
  • The Prefix of the room for example if room no is AB 101 the AB is the Prefix.
  • From and To : Tells about the rooms which are under this category.
  • Product specific parameters can also be defined below and can set via Set Grid Layout


Once we create the Accommodation Type we can check Accommodation Layout which is in SALES MENU as shown below.


Accommodation Layout provides information on different categories of rooms in the hotel and other features as shown below: 

Advance Booking Option                                                    

Reservation Status (View All Bookings)
Today Booking:  It will have details of rooms booked today and the a different color of the room which is booked OR occupied
It has options To Create Sales Challan for items ordered by the Guest in Room.

We can simply select the items ordered and save it as a sales Challan which can be later converted to invoice at the time Guests Checks Out.

Generating Final Bill at the time of Check Out.

This way RetailGraph handles the required operations of a Hotel and can efficiently gets integrated with the Restaurant as well.

Hope you have liked the blog and have understood how RetailGraph can work for Hotel Room Reservation at Front Desk of Hotels.

Please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Handling Job Works in RetailGraph

RetailGraph Handles Job Work (Issue & Receive Material and Finished Goods)

We all are familiar with RetailGraph's capabilities of handling single and multi store formats. As a Retail Management System RetailGraph offer retailers a complete POS solution for managing Inventory, Accounts, Reports, Promotion, and CRM etc.

 It is equally suitable for Distribution, Wholesale business and works on Windows, Web and Android. But there is some thing more which it is capable of, this feature is of Job Works Handling.

Let us understand a little more about "Job Work" and where it is used 

A work order or job order (sometimes job ticket or work ticket, as it often has some type of ticket attached) is an order received by an organization from a customer or client, or an order created internally within the organization. A work order may be for products or services

A job order is an internal document extensively used by projects-based, manufacturing, building and fabrication businesses. A job order may be for products and/or services. In a manufacturing environment, a job order is used to signal the start of a manufacturing process and will most probably be linked to a bill of material. Hence, the job order will probably state:
  • the quantity of the product to be manufactured, built or fabricated
  • the amount of raw material to be used, its price and amount
  • the types of labor required, rate (per hour or per unit) and amount
  • the machine utilization for each machine during the routing process, its rate and amount
RetailGraph is proud to associate itself with No.1 knitwear brand in India, covering the entire range of knitted garments from inner wear to casual wear. 

With the capacity to produce over 700,000 pieces of finished goods made from the finest yarns which were sourced from across the globe. Its State of the art technology for dyeing and bleaching to maintain quality and minimize carbon foot prints.

In the below mentioned images we will be explaining the processes which were being followed in the manufacturing unit.

First is the issue of purchase order and purchase invoice.

  • Purchase Order is being raised in the software by Purchases Department.
  • Receipt of Raw Material at Plant Gate.
  • Security Check and Gate Entry 
  • Raw Material and Documents shared with Purchase Manager for checking purpose.
  • Documents received by Accounts for making purchase invoice and taking Raw Material into stores stock.


The above process describes the issues of material from one location to another location and receiving of material from one location to other.

The above process can be described in RetailGraph as follows.



This way RetailGraph handles the issue of material from one location ( Dept.) to another  and receiving semi-furnished and furnished material from other locations (Dept.)

Hope you have liked the blog and have understood how it handles the job works.

Please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Online Pharma Store - A step ahead of Competition

RetailGraph and Retail Store Software are synonymous and RetailGraph holds this attribute in all aspects for a Retailer.

Today's blog will focus towards the increasing adaptability of Online Purchases and how consumers are more open to purchase online.

I wrote last about Online buying where in we spoke about Shopping Online vs Shopping On Store This was almost a year back.

There are a lot of changes that has happened in this one year. Some of the generic insights which we all agree to are:

  • Increased Internet Users
  • Increase online Buyers
  • Increased Online Purchases 
  • Increase in E-Commerce Market size 
  • Increase use of Internet by Mobile Users and more 
and all of these are indicating one common thing which is "Increasing Online market and customer".

Let us understand this from a small story: Two Pharmaceutical Stores of Mr. Shyam and Mr. Ram catering to a locality.

Pharmaceutical Store
A typical pharmaceutical store caters to a wide range of product range. Mr. Shyam understood the importance of Online world and was quick to implement RetailGraph  E-Store for his Pharmaceutical store, and included the web address in his bills that he provides to the customers.

And on top of that at the time when he handles bills to the customers he simply highlights " We have our online store as well you can also purchase from our Website and we deliver in time"

This has become a hit in a few months and the tech savvy locality has become a loyal customer of Shyam Medical Store. Which leads to a decrease in revenues of Ram's store.

This way Mr. Shyam simply beat his competition with his Online Store.

Users are more aware and lesser afraid in buying Online than ever before. The Online Purchases are not only restricted to Garments, shoes and accessories but are prevalent in the most important parts of our lives yes i am talking about Medicines Or Chemist Store Or Pharmacy.

Online Drug purchase is a fairly young concept in India, and almost all the early entrants (Drug stores) who have adopted it are benefited from it.

RetailGraph which works as a POS software for pharmaceutical stores, also has the capability which enables the retailers to open their own Online Pharmacy shops and that too in no time.

Yes its true, if you are RetailGraph user you can open your own Online Store which will be in sync with your Store through RetailGraph so that you can easily manage your stock inventory and other operations.

Having an Online Store has its own benefits for Customer and Store Owners, Few of those are as below:
Special Online Prices
  • Increased Business Reach 
  • You sell 24x7 - More Business
  • Store Promotion and Branding
  • Ease to Customer
  • Can order any time and from home, office and while traveling
  • Peace of mind and stress free purchase and much more
RetailGraph has a variety of designs to choose from for the customers. You can customize our website yourself with easy to use features, can include product images, details and about your business. You can create multiple pages like 

About us | Our Offerings | Why Us | Contact us and more

Reach out to more consumers
RetailGraph is successfully implemented and operational for these Online Pharmaceutical Stores
Apart from having all the benefits of an Online Store you also get the assurance of your online store management with RetailGraph and which is integrated with your RetailGraph application at your physical store.

Key benefits with RetailGraph E-Store are:
  • Access, Analyze & Reporting across the chain
  • Low operating cost through best suppliers
  • Plan Marketing & Promotions Strategies
  • Fast, efficient & personalized services to customer
  • Effective control Over Pilferage
  • Effective centralized control @ HO
  • Protect your investment with rich support &maintenance offer
Why Only RetailGraph
  • Comprehensive and Works across platform: 
  • Specially Designed For Retail Stores & Chains 
  • Web based Technology 
  • Product from the most Experienced Company 
  • Very Easy & Fast Implementation 
  • Very Simple & Easy to Use R
  • Minimum Training Requirements 
  • Cost Effective Solutions 
  • Strong After Sales Services 
  • Product from an ISO Certified and Microsoft Small Business Specialist Company
Hope the blog is informative, and the importance of Online Marketing to evolve as a leader is understood.

Hope you liked the blog. Please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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