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Distribution Management Made Easy

C&F and Distribution Management Made Easy


In today’s blog we will be sharing about how Distribution management is a very crucial task for organizations.

Distribution is an integral part of business. FMCG, Consumer Durable companies, Pharmaceutical companies are largely dependent on their Distributors for in time and effective supply of material down the supply chain.

Distributors must have the optimum stock and an accurate understanding to the sales and purchase trends to effectively store the optimum Inventory and reorder accordingly to give the right picture of Sales to the parent company for manufacturing.

The cycle looks very simple but it’s very complex and have enormous effects on business If not handled appropriately.

To start with the Manufacturer has different Distributors across the area (Country, State etc) so that it can send and store its products with them, from whom the smaller stockist or C&Fs may purchase, and from whom further the Retailer (shop owner) buy products and sales to the end customer.

This cycle involves many transactions like sales, purchase, returns, replacements, promotions, discounts, credit, outstanding. Credit, cheques etc.

The concerns starts form the 1st phase its self when the company sells the product to different distributors across the country and tries to maintain the details. It becomes very tedious task when you need to manage details for 10 different vendors it is highly time consuming activity. 

Few of the challenges faced are:

  • Communication with all the vendors
  • Sharing Central rates for all the vendors centrally,
  • Identifying the best distributor among rest
  • Monitoring and manage the credit limits and cycle of the Distributors
  • Complete Purchase Order management, good Receipts note and supplier ledger management
  • Multi location Inventory management
  • To have real time update from all the locations to have information on financial accounting, inventory, outstanding, shelf life, expiry, credit note, debit note, breakage, expiry, special bonus, discount etc.
  • State wise or country wise tax reports and registers
  • State wise or country wise VAT and E-Returns
  • Sales return notes
  • Distributor wise, age wise, outstanding list and analysis.
  • Manage breakage expiry
These are the few of the challenges which needs to be addressed in order to manage the Distributors in an effective manner. The main idea is to have visibility and transparency within the system to know the current state and trends which helps you to plan for the future.

The same is applicable for the Distributors when they further sell the stock to smaller distributors of a local area or directly to a Retailer, and again when a retailer sells the product to the end customers.

The Solution to all these is to have a Distribution Management Software which can help you handle all these concerns in a real-time basis and provides accurate information to plan for the future.

RetailGraph works as complete distribution management software which provides centralized control over the multi location C&F and distribution channel. 

As supply chain management software It helps you to work as

  1. Complete online mode: It provides real time reporting, analytics and data to trust for faster decision making based on accurate information. Internet connectivity and Static IP is a must to have at all locations for real time information transfer and 
  2. Hybrid Mode (online-offline): It allows you to work offline and data syncs with the Central database at a desired frequency of the day on the availability of Internet. It requires static IP at all locations for information transfer at the desired intervals.
The software helps to maintain exact information on the purchases from the parent company (manufacturer) and the details of sales and supply of the material to the local C&Fs, Stockiest, and retailers etc. It helps you to identify best buyers and suppliers through detailed reports and analysis.

As a warehouse management system you can have more streamlined inventory control, Reorder planning, expiry, returns, replacement, barcoding reporting and also facilitates you to share SMS and emails.

Benefits of the C&F and Distribution management software solution:

  • Single point communication to all Distributors across locations
  • Instant availability of accurate information helps in faster decisions
  • Complete inventory management with visibility on available stocks /expiry /slow moving items
  • Overall & Distributor wise business analysis
  • With ready to use software & quick implementation ,helps in enrolling new distributors
  • Easy to use software with minimal training and low TCO
  • Higher Visibility through live updates from each and every stores to HO
  • distributor wise / Area Wise / Region wise analysis
  • Single entry price updates for PAN India Locations
  • Smooth day to day transactions and reporting 
  • Area wise tax management
  • Export accounting data to Tally
  • C&F wise / Area wise / User wise login and access to have security and secrecy of information
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Check Points For Selecting the Best Software Solution for your business

Choose the Best Retail Store Software

With growing competition it is hard to hold the customer rather then making a new customer. We know and always talk about the 80-20 principle very frequently but only a few follow it.

Its the Pareto's principle or the 80-20 rule, which says for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  OR "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients"

Yes this is the truth , that why it is wise to focus on those 20% of your clients that contribute to 80% of your revenues. 

In terms of Retail store the targets are the local residents and the increasing number of online buyers mostly from the 2 to 3 km radius who prefer home delivery.

With the increasing number of Retail software's and variety of options to open you own online store, retailers are left with many choices which leaves them confused with what to choose from. Retailer must be cautious before deciding on the same as this will impact their business.

In today's blog post we will be sharing all all should you check before finalizing a retail Store software solution. 

Sales, purchase inventory stocks are very basic and generic features that most software have and boost about what matters is the specific questions which really matters to your businesses. Few of the questions are as below:
  • The software is developed on which technology.
  • Is it scalable
  • Can i upgrade it to Complete Online Solution
  • Can i have a Mobile App for it
  • How fast is it for billing and reporting
  • How many reports are shared
  • Can we schedule reports
  • Can we share material across branches
  • Can we do product conversion
  • Can we set user, role rights and what the security
  • Can we manage Vendors
  • Can we manage payroll
  • Can we manage advances given
  • Can we manage the Sales man or MR incentive and more
  • Can we Run Promotions
  • Can we do customer engagement via SMS and Email
  • Can we Run Promotions and schemes
  • What is the Support On software
  • Do you have a support team
  • What are the Service level commitments 
  • What do you do for improvements in the software
  • What is the experience of your company
  • Can you share some references
  • Who is your biggest customer in terms of revenue
  • Do you have different modules or is it a single solution
and more. 

Many of these questions may look repetitive but for sure this will give a sense of responsibility in the mind of software vendor before presenting his solution to you.

No matter in what business you are, make sure you choose you clear your requirement clearly and set the expectation right. Any gap in the Expectation and what is being delivered will lead to dissatisfaction 

Since its inception SWIL and its products were highly appreciated and well accepted in the market, and it has been a long journey of 2 decades for SWIL to provide best in class software solutions to end users and businesses.

RetailGraph as a best software solution for retail stores, chains, distribution, C&F, Wholesales businesses, is comprehensive and works across platforms to provide the most scalable and robust software solution to masses.

Conclusion: All these points will help you to stay ahead in your business and serve your customers in the right manner so that you get the most out of your investment. and with RetailGraph certainly SWIL is Leading Towards Intelligent Solutions...for multiple businesses.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Closing Financial Year as Smooth as Silk

Yes 2013-2014 is over yesterday, and we have just stepped in a new financial year 2014-2015 with hopes, motivation and enthusiasm to do better than the last year, to learn more and yes to earn more.

It is said that "Minds are like parachutes they work best when open"- indeed its wise thought and is applicable to every human being.

One of my friend called me today morning thanking  me and sharing that this financial year closing was as smooth as silk and looking into that yesterday only his father shared a thought while on way home, that they we will open new shops in other regions as well. So Thanks you.

This appreciation is the result of my suggestions shared with my friend and his father a year back.

Today's post is inspired from a real life instance which i experienced last year.My  friend who supports his father in their Garments Store business, which has one of the best collection in the city, and have multiple stores across the city and in other regions.

Before the story, Let us see how can we close the financial year in RetailGraph

  • Select the "Close Financial Year" tab from OPTIONS menu
  •  As you click on Closes financial year you will be routed to this screen, where in you need to click on select all and change financial year for all users if you have to change the financial year for all users and then click ok. Also you can decide on the series on whether u wish to start from 1 or from any other no.

  • Once the closing is done you can change the financial year to 2014-2015, by selecting the existing year and ticking the change financial year.
  • Once the financial year is changed it will reflect in here as seen below:

Coming back to our story today, My friend shared that, business is growing for them , but there are many leakages that we are unable to control and also managing operations for all the stores is a problem, as I can't be present at all the stores at a time, and thus we are facing many issues like:
  • Error in Reporting because of manual reports and manipulated reports from the operator of software
  • It's a tedious and monotonous process to get reports
  • Security and business secrecy is at stake
  • Many a times reports and information were couriered to us its a lengthy process
  • The Data at store and our Head Office never matches and leads to heated arguments and blame game among staff.
  • Our Turn Around time to open a new store is very high and involves a lot of unwanted cost.
  • We have a poor visibility of business due to monthly reports and that to fabricated which we can't trust.
  • Store sales man calculation depends on his relation with the store manager.
  • The main thing is accounts handling and closing, on especially on financial year closing we literally need to close our shops of at least one day to focus and close our accounts. This is a real pain
I told him, these issues can be sorted our, why don't you implement a good software for garments , it will help you with all your issues you just talked about.

He told, i know but my father is not willing to change this working style as he don't have trust on software and specially the online concept as he feels it's not safe.

Ok, you must make him understand the benefits and share about how this software will help and that to with security, and we have a meeting planned with his father, in their garments store.

I shared the benefits of the entire system and how it will be helpful to them like:

  • Access, Analyze & Reporting across the chain: Detailed reporting and analysis (like Pivot Tables (in excel) and Graphs) helps you to take strategic decisions for your business. Easy access and sharing of data enables excellent control across the chain of stores.
  • Low operating cost through best suppliers: Billing using bar-code and Data exchange via electronic medium saves time and manpower. With Reports having consumer preferences, you can plan your purchases and can choose the right supplier from Purchase trend to optimize inventory investments
  • Plan Marketing & Promotions Strategies: RetailGraph generates reports on consumer preferences & sales trends, which help you, plan your Marketing Strategy
  • Fast, efficient & personalized services to customer:  Fast billing serves customer efficiently. Offer promotions & personalized services to customer after checking customers buying trend. Same resources can manage more customers leading higher sales revenue
  • Effective control Over Pilferage: User/Department/Region wise rights to check editing of transactions and random category wise/ shelf wise stock reconciliation allows effective control over pilferage.
  • Effective centralized control @ HO: Visibility & Transparency through reports generated @ HO helps in effective control of retail chain / distribution operations.
  • Protect your investment with rich support &maintenance offer: RetailGraph is a scalable solution and can change as you grow /change with time. You can continue getting benefited from RetailGraph year on year through our Annual Maintenance Offer.
We also shared him How having an online software helps them to increase profits and expand and most importantly is secured.

Higher Visibility through live updates from each and every stores to HO

  • Automated reporting and analytic
  • Faster communication, decision making, and execution of plans
  • Store wise / Area Wise / Region wise analysis
  • Single entry price updates for PAN India Stores
  • Smooth day to day transactions and reporting
  • Export accounting data to Tally
  • Store wise / Area wise / User wise login and access to have security and secrecy of information
  • Helped in reducing time to open and make new store operational
He finally agreed and is now getting benefited from the software.

Conclusion: We all must introspect out thoughts  and discuss openly with our family and friends that are you open to new ideas and ask for a real feedback. The crux of the story is the acceptance of new resources which are beneficial for your business.

Hope you linked the blog, please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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