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Are you prepared to be swift enough for your Retail Business ?

Regardless of your organization whether its small or big, online or offline, national or international, selling products or services, there is one thing that is of highest relevance to all of them is  PROMPTNESS

It matters more than ever in a quickly changing world. Companies which want to survive need to become fast and agile.

This is not a new finding; we all know it but how to achieve it is a tough question.

For different businesses speed and promptness has different aspects, and in retail on-time response, delivery and accuracy are the major factors for success, with RetailGraph information is always handy leading you towards success.

RetailGraph Features that helps you in being Prompt in your business are:

  •  Quick Implementation of Software
  •  Faster Training and adaptability
  • Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes
  • Available in both online & offline modes
  • Automate inventory and purchase Management
  • Sales Promotions handling
  • Payment options for Cash, Credit Card, Cheque 
  • VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling
  • User Defined Day Books & Graphical Reports
  • Complete MIS View & Reporting
  • Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet
  • Export reports to Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  • Sell in Kg/Mtr/Ltr/Sq.Ft./Pcs/Loose
  • Loyalty card & coupons
  • Weighing Machine handling
  • Product Conversion
  • Virtual Item/Kits Definition
  • Multiple Stock & Sales Locations
  • Speedy after sales support
  • Easy Data import export Features
  • Manage and update new products quickly
  • Faster availability of reports and analytics
  • Faster response and communication with Vendors and Customers
  • Fast Decision making with effective centralized control
  • Speedy sale, purchase and other transactions
  • Controlling near expiry and much more.

How to be swift for your business ? 

Well RetailGraph is the answer for it and we have explain it in the above points.

Retailers must understand  Why Only RetailGraph is the right choice for them 

The below mentioned points will surely help you decide.

  • RetailGraph is Specially Designed For Retail Stores & Chains and covers A to Z requirements of a retail store.
  • Empowered with unique features specially required for retail business, RetailGraph stands apart from other general accounting and inventory software’s .
  • It has got POS module for retail store, central store module for distribution and web based HO module for management of chain store operations.
  • Web based Technology RetailGraph is developed in .Net environment that allows you to have your complete business operations online or on network. 
  • It enables you with the power of accessing your business remotely form anywhere RetailGraph can be used in online or offline mode at stores.
  • Product from the most Experienced Company with more than 150years of cumulative manpower experience in retail and distribution software and has got 20000 + clients in Healthcare and Retail Industry in various states of India and abroad. It has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its services
  • Very Easy & Fast Implementation
  • Very Simple & Easy to Use with Minimum Training Requirements
  • Cost Effective Solutions RetailGraph can be deployed in single user/multi user , single location/multi location , single store/multi store format as per requirement . Central Store module and HO module can be deployed later on.
  • Strong Sales Services RetailGraph is backed with a very strong support system to ensure instant attention to any of your issues like introduction to new tax system, changes in invoice formats etc. You can also avail online support on RetailGraph through internet.
RetailGraph is the best software solution for retail stores and chains which helps retailer with speedy solution to manage their stores in an effective manner.

Sometimes it is better to spend a little to gain a lot, rather than spend nothing for little return. After all, it could take you ahead in your business with speedy returns on your investments.

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