Monday, November 18, 2013

Retail Software the right tool for Small Stores and Chains


Today's blog will share on how the retail store are adopting retail software, to improve the buying experience of the consumers.

There were times when we were reading about the extincttion  of Mom and Pop stores, years passed by and still mom and pop stores are holding good, and yes they have improved a lot.

Rather we should say they have pulled up their socks to fight with the Big names of the world.

Information and Technology is playing a major role in the makeover of the Mom and Pop Stores, due to which they have improved in their businesses at lower operating cost as compared the Big one's of the world.

Information technology makes the presence felt in the form of Electronic weighing machines-integrated with POS, Retail Software, Computers, CCTV Camera, RFID, Digital signage and much more.

Depending on the size of the store, the businessman and use IT to advance in the business. The myths are over, which says the automation, computerization and IT are to be used by Big setups Or Big names, rather now they are most appropriate to be used in these setups and the segment of small and medium retail stores is so big, that BIG names like IBMs and HPs of the world are focusing big time on this sector.

Main advantages using software solutions are:

  • Accurate accountability and Transparency 
  • Control over Pilferage
  • Reduction in Operating cost 
  • Complete Analysis of operations
  • Reporting across the store or chain stores
  • Scalable solution
  • Return on Investment
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Plan Marketing and Promotion Strategies and much more....

Apart from this there are advantages related to Small stores which Big Retailers can never provide and that is Sense of Belongingness, which is admired and well accepted in Tir 2- Tier3 and small towns.

When the technology clubs with the familiar & friendly attitude of the retailer it becomes a win win situation for retailer as well as for the consumer. As it empowers the consumer and gives him the confidence that he is buying the right product, and also helps retailer to manage the store operations in a much better manner.

We must say that retailers are becoming educated day by day and now understands the benefits of implementing software solution to help them in
  • Inventory management and control
  • Faster and accurate billing
  • Handling Returns and replacements
  • Compare and understadn who is best supplier
  • Facility to print own labels, and bill through bar-codes
  • Control on near expiry products
  • Know about Fast moving item,dead stock,slow moving item
  • Reports and analysis to understand consumer buying preference
  • Worry free accounting
  • Multi level security and much more..
And to add own they don't have any other strings attached to increase their operating costs such as:
  • Security -guards
  • Huge Electricity Bills
  • Ever increasing Rentals
  • Higher maintenance and more... 
These factors effect the margins

Not only that with the option to open their online store, has increased their sales and customer satisfaction levels. This can be done through Online Store Solution which can be integrated to the Retail Store software

We must say that retailers have understood the need of the hour and have adopted technology as their weapon to fight against the malls and the Big Stores. Earlier they were fighting only on the sense of concern they show towards the customer, but now they have the technology to stay ahead in the game.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

RetailGrph: C&F and Distribution Management Software

Hello Today we will be sharing a story about one of our client who is a Pharmaceutical Major, and will share how RetailGraph helped it to smooth line the C&F and Distribution channel.

The Company shared the information which has 2 divisions which have separate products and the company is using a DOS based software before moving to RetailGraph(developed on dot net platform and with SQL server as the back end).

The challenges in terms of reporting, communication, and day to day operations were a big hassle and which needs to be addressed soon.  Thus to explore for a right solution is no more a want but a need for them.

RetailGraph Team has understood the complete scenario of the company which includes:

DOS based system at all the locations which is providing reports, this is a standalone application which syncs and shares data to the centralized server at the Head Office Location and once the information from all the locations is received then the the consolidation of the information is done to do the analysis and build the future strategy.

  • Other challenges were related to the authenticity of the information
  • Delay in reporting and dependency on the other locations
This leads to a lot of mundane tasks and hampers the productivity of the employees and thus increasing the cost.

They also needs to perform the following:

  • Separately maintaining the two (2) divisions 
  • Separate reporting and billing formats for these divisions
  • Batch no. wise stock managements
  • Real time assessment of information and Centralize Control of the C&F Locations
RetailGraph Proposed them the Online-Model which cover all the needed features of the organization.

Once they like the solution we proposed, the implementation started where in we request for the related details which is required to be incorporated in the software.

We created centralized master data for these 2 divisions, which is maintained at the Head Office locations and can be controlled centrally which means that any changes done centrally will reflect to the other locations.  This is real time and thus fast and accurate.

All the C&F locations were created and they have been provide the application which works online. Under the branches, division were created and location wise customer & a/c data is defined.

All the Purchases were centralized at Head Office, and locations can sell and request for stocks, for which stock is transferred to branches from Head Office

Branch/ location wise pricing and tax structures are defined respectively. Coordination and communication were made easy at all the branches.

Thus by providing the RetailGraph Solution there has been considerable impact in their over all efficiency, reporting and communication with the C&F locations is a lot more easier.

Moreover reports and information are available on real time basis, thus helping in faster implementation of strategies and in decision making.

The benefits of RetailGraph
  • PAN India support across the distribution network
  • Complete inventory management with visibility on available stocks /expiry /slow moving items
  • Availability of real time and accurate data.
  • Overall & Distributor wise business analysis
  • Ready to use software & quick implementation ,helps in enrolling new distributors faster
  • Provision for customization as per the need
  • Easy to use software with minimal training and low TCO

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RetailGraph Team

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