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1. Load latest version Now Before April 30, 2017
2. Update HSN Code / GST No. in your data, Implement as given in Tax
3. Load New version in June 2017 for Further updates of GST


How to update Data in RetailGraph Software for preparing about GST

1. Update GST No. in all Customers. To take input credit, GST No. of customer is
compulsory to be available at supplier end.
2. Update GST No. in all Suppliers. To match input credit, Supplier GST No. is
3. Update HSN in product master. For annual turnover upto 5 crore, two digit HSN
(Harmonised System of Nomenclature) code is required for products. For >5
crore turnover, Four digit HSN code is required for products. In India HSN Code
may be upto eight digits.
Most of HSN Code Can be found in following chapter.
3002, 3003, 3004 For Pharmaceutical
3005 For Bandage etc.
9018 For syringes etc.
3306, 3307, 9603, 9616 For Soaps, Hygiene Products, Cosmetics etc.
1905 For Biscuits
Please refer HSN Codes link at the end in this article.
4. Generate invoice format for GST and get it customized as per your requirement.

PAN No. Requirement
1. For cash transactions above Rs. Two Lacs, (Cash sales & cash receipts), an
information report is to be submitted with PAN no. of customer.
2. PAN No. should be updated in customer master and supplier master for all parties.
3. If you do not need PAN No. please mention NA in PAN column.
4. If you want to collect Form 64, please mention Form 64 Due in PAN column.
5. If you receive Form 64, please mention 64(2016-17) in PAN column.
6. If you delay to collect PAN till the transaction amount reaches Rs. Two Lacs,
you are provoking the customer to switch supplier as soon as Rs. Two Lac limit
is reached.
7. Please make sure that PAN is correct. You may verify PAN on net on income-tax
department website and other such sites.

GST Returns (GST Network or GSTN)
Monthly three GST returns are filed through GST Network which can be connected
with your software by paying annual charges.

1. For B2B transactions, (Customers having GST No.), invoice list is to be uploaded
with HSN and sales value, tax value.
2. Purchases are to be populated from GSTN and to be checked against actual
purchases. It is uploaded by your suppliers.
3. If any discrepancy is found in populated purchases from GSTN, it is to be reported
to GSTN.
Challan to be generated by GSTN after providing input credit as per purchases reported
in GSTN.
An annual return is to be filed by the month of December in following year.
Minimum 49 transactions with GSTN are required for each GST registered dealer.
(12 Months * 3 Returns + Challan) and Annual Return.
General Information about GST (GOODS & SERVICE TAX)
Any transaction such as Sale, Transfer, Barter, Exchange, License, Rental, Lease Disposal
made or agreed to be made, and Importation of Service - Whether or not for supply
will be treated as Taxable event will be liable for GST.


1. Central Excise Duty/Central Sales Tax 2. Service tax
3. Special additional Duty on Customs (SAD) 4. Additional Excise Duty
5. Additional Custom Duty known as CVD 6. Cess/Surcharges

1. VAT/SALES TAX 2. Luxury tax
3. State Cesss & Surcharges 4. Entertainment Tax
5. Taxes on lottery, Betting & gambling 6. Entry tax/Octroi

1. The date on which the goods are removed by the supplier or received by the
recipient or made available to the recipient.
2. The date on which supplier issues the Invoice
3. The date on which the payment is received whichever is earlier will be treated as time of supply & liable for tax.

1. CGST : Inter State sale of Goods & Services
2. SGST : Sale within the state
3. IGST : Interstate sales



Input Credit on existing Stock will be available but the details are not super clear.

How to Fill RETURN

GSTR1- outward supplies made by the dealer - 10th of next month
GSTR2 - Inward supplies received by the dealer - 15TH of next month
GSTR3 - Monthly return of taxable liability - 20th of next month
GSTR4 - Quarterly return by compounding dealer - 18th of next month of Quarter
GSTR8 - Annual return - 31st December of next FY

• Will provide you option to upload these returns for UNISOLVE/CROSS.
• Charges may be applicable as GST Service Provider (GSP) will charge.

It will be a 15 digit no containing the following:
1-2 State Code
3-12 PAN NO

You may get more information using following links :

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are you and your Retail Store Independent this Independence day ?


This 15th of August we will be celebrating our 68th Independence day and our freedom from Britishers. But are we really free ? Free from our unguarded thoughts and free our own people who have adopted the British policy of divide and rule, on the basis of cast, creed, social indifference's  well a lot can be discussed and debated over the matter , but today we will be sharing our thoughts on the fact that still many retail stores have not got their freedom and who are responsible for it.

Also we will be sharing how to make your retail store independent.

If we consider retail stores they are a lot dependent on various people and factors in the supply chain, and include:-

  • Suppliers & Logistics Management for in time Delivery of goods at best rates
  • Inventory Management and Control
    • Expiry Management
    • LIFO
  • In store management of perishable and non perishable goods, based on the properties and attributes of the products
  • Handling Sales, promotions, discount and customer engagement
  • Keeping track of offers from parent company
  • Handling breakages and expired items
  • Control over near expiry items
  • Handling multiple locations for sales and billing
  • Accounting and Closing
  • Handling customer advances 
  • Billing and cash handing rights
  • Handling employee’s salary and commission based on sales made by them and much more.
All these responsibilities are being divided within the store as it is almost impossible for a single person to manage all these activities, and hence the Retail Store Suffers.

As these jobs are routine and monotonous anybody who is handling them in a day to day basis is prone to do errors and thus resulting to loss of resources. Majorly people involved in retail store includes the owner, salesman, vendors (suppliers), accountants and the point of sale operator or the one who bills to the customer and takes the cash.

It is important to have a mechanism in place which can manage all these transactions and helps the owner to further strategies peacefully without worrying for the day to day operations.

ReailGraph is the solution to get your store independent, and work most effectively with centralized control in place. RetailGraph is the best software solution for your retail store, it handles all your worries.

Its key of its features includes:-

Best for Point of Sales (POS) :- It handles entire operation required at point of sales terminal, handling offers, promotions, discounts, fast billing, barcode handling, integration with weighing scale, handling return – replacement etc

Best for Inventory Management: - It manages the inventory so robustly that you can never have a expired product in your shelf and keeps check on order generation, shortage, surplus, SKU definition, multiple stock and sales locations, category wise rate & Margin, and complete stock control

Best for Financial Accounting:- It helps in managing accounting till balance sheet and P&L, Bank reconciliation, manage outstanding, PDC & Dishonoured cheques, Handling Taxes, multi level security and user rights

Best for Branch / C&F / Consignee / Distribution setup: - Complete reporting based on sales rep, area, station, outstanding / collection management, reports on ageing analysis etc.

Best for Retail Chain:- It helps in online and offline billing, centralised control, Financial accounting at HO, User rights report,

Job Works Handling:- It helps in issuing material to vendors, receiving materials from vendors and helping in production planning.

There is a lot more which can be shared about RetailGraph which acts as a point of sale software.

Conclusion:- Select the right Retail store software for your store to get the independence you and your store deserves.

Hope you liked the post, please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do I need a Retail Software Solution?


Through today’s blog we will we will be sharing discussing the need of software solution for a retail store, and would like to share the awareness among retailers on a question “Do I need a Retail Software Solution? Which often confuses them to make a decision to get software for their store or not.

Before we jump into the real discussion let us understand the basic need for a software solution that is why we need software?

The answer is Software solutions are required where repeated work, complex calculations, accurate information etc is involved and has to be done most accurately with minimal chances of error and yes at minimum cost involved.

So from the brief explanation above one thing is clear that software are essential for businesses, but why for my business, as I am into retail business, and have been doing this business for ages perfectly without using any software solution.

Let us take a typical example of Grocery store to understand the need for retail software.

A typical grocery store involves following transactions and calculations to be managed:-

  • Barcode:- Standard barcodes on company products, and other products which don’t have barcodes but needs to be manage and maintained
  • Inventory management: - Most important is to manage the inventory which includes terminologies like current stock, out of stock, in stock, in transit, expiry stock etc.
  • Accounts management: - Accounts needs to be managed for sold items (now a day’s sell happens on cash, credit, debit cards) and purchases from various supplier which are distributors to different products.
  • Billing:- Very crucial for any business, in grocery retail of a departmental store billing involves, discounts, promotions, loyalty points management, schemes and various other offers shared by the companies.

We believe that the above mentioned points are enough to understand the need for a retail store software. Let us discuss each one in a bit detail and compare both the sides that is with software and without software.

  • Barcodes:- If a retail store is not using a software solution then whether it’s a standard product having barcodes imprinted or a local product with no barcode, it’s all the same, and the main challenge is to document things like the entry or Purchase date of the product, Expiry date of the product, Batch no., the product is purchased from which vendor etc, and if the store is using a software solution then all these things will be recorded and will be maintained in the software, with alert mechanism which will be helpful in case of have expired stock in inventory, and the software also helps in generating the barcode for local products which then can be managed and maintained the same way as standard products.
  • Inventory management: - Without software solution inventory management in a grocery store is a troublesome task. Managing of expiry, breakage, return, old products manually involve error which will lead to losses. Apart from it a retail store also needs to manage near expiry goods. With software in place, inventory will be managed with accuracy.
  • Billing and Accounting: - Managing manually involves challenges like calculation on, various promotional offers, applying schemes, adjusting customer loyalty, offering discounts and managing taxes on different products, and accounting for transaction which involves sale on cash and card and purchases on cheque, DD, and handling a credit cycle. All this will be managed by the software solution; and not only that but also manages the credit days for different vendors, and shows the alert once the days exceed the credit limit.


Hope you have got insights of how a software solution manages all the complex tasks and works towards excellence. This is not only quick bust save a lot on time, money and energy. The initial cost for software may seems like a Cost, but this investment has higher long term returns.

Hope you liked the post, please share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Transition to a Web Based Application


Today’s story is a success story of RetailGraph which you are familiar of. Hope you remember the story of Mrs. Chopra and Simran, we have shared two stories about how they automated their store operations and have a controlled way of dealing with customers.

Refer the earlier post on http://retailgraph.blogspot.in/2013/06/retailgraph-software-for-apparels.html

As the time flies by Mr. Chopra has grown her business manifolds, with a humble beginning of only 1 small store now she has 8 huge stores across the county, and counting.

With RetailGraph all her operations were taken care of well, but still she is facing a challenge, yes challenge of accessibility of real time information from all the stores, and to able to calculate a consolidated P&L for her business.

With the existing setup software at every store, she still manages to get the store wise data and reports, but she again needs to perform an exercise to get consolidated figures for her business as a whole.

So she decided to discuss it up with the account manager assigned for her account with the challenges. The conversation and the solution were as below:

Mrs. Chopra: - Hello, I am Mrs chopra...

Acc. Mgr: - Hello, madam how are you.

Mrs Chopra: - Yes I am fine.

Acc. Mgr: - Yes please how can I help you.

Mrs. Chopra: - As you are aware I have 14 stores now and I am planning to open a couple of more in another month or so, this means a lot of travelling is involved for me to manage these stores and to open new ones. RetailGraph has helped a lot as far as independent stores are concern, but now i want to have a consolidated option available for me so that i have all the reports and analytics for my business in a real time basis, this was my purpose to call you to understand a solution to this concern of mine.

Acc. Mgr: - Yes please. I have understood your challenges in detail and the need to have a consolidated view of the information in real-time.

Mrs. Chopra: - Yes

Acc. Mgr: - In fact we have 2 solutions for you to choose from which are:-

1. RetailGraph consolidation: - same setup as you have but the Masters will be maintained at a single Location (HO) or the location you spend the maximum time, from there all the prices, categories etc can be pushed to other locations and consolidated reports and analytics can be received.

2. RetailGraph Web Module: - Everything will be on web and the username and password will be shared to the users, this will help you to get into the system any time from any place simply via an internet connection. In this module data will be on server, which you can host locally or can be put on a third party cloud.

And in future we are coming up with our Android module as well, which will have all the information available on you Android Mobile OR Tab.

Mrs. Chopra: - This is quite impressive, I am happy that I am associated with RetailGraph as my Garments Store Software. For now I will select the 2nd option of Web based Software solution, but tell me what about the data base how to maintain and manage it, currently in our existing decentralised working we have data locally maintained and backed up. Please explain how it will be managed if its all web based

Acc Mgr: - Yes sure. In Web based approach, we recommend to host your data with us or with a third party solution provider. This will ensure safety and security of data, many owner have the question in mind that will my data be secured with 3rd party or not, to which our answer is that your data will be most secured with them, as they are professionals and use tier 3 and tier 4 data centres to manage the data with high end encrypted security levels.

And to add on you can also assign area wise and region wise managers with certain rights so that they can view the data from their region only and you being at the top can view each and every detail along with analytics.

Mrs Chopra: - That’s some real insight; I understood, so let us start the transition to the web based module of RetailGraph. Thank You.

Acc. Mgr: - Thanks. Madam, we will initiate the transition process.

Conclusion:- We have solution to all your needs, We grow as you grow, RetailGraph works as standalone application, as online application with Consolidated and a complete online Application for businesses at advance level.

Hope you liked the post, please share your comments.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Change is Important for a Software Solution ?

Why Change is Important for a Software Solution ?

The Only thing that is constant is change. Yes change is inevitable. 

In today blog post we will be share why change is important and how we change our software solutions.

We at SWIL make possibly every effort to keep up with the changing times and our experience of 20 years proves this.  

Our software products have catered to the requirements of different stakeholders in the supply chain including Retail Store, Chain of Stores, C&F and Distributors and the Parent or the Manufacturing Company.

In Software industry and especially which caters to the requirements of ever evolving Retail sector, where software is very crucial for business and operation, any change small or big it has to be planned well in advance for adaptation.

Change is always considered good, but unplanned change can do more harm than doing any good. SWIL is always working towards planned change and it is a planned activity which we follow religiously.

How we plan changes in our software solution:

  1. With our planned review meeting and discussion with our marketing and customer care teams we get feedback's on new requirement and change request based on their interaction with the client.
  2. The Change Requests are then evaluated by the Product Development team and further discussed on the feasibility and whether the features solve the purpose of a single client OR whether is it beneficial for a segment of clients catering to an entire industry. 
  3. The Change request is then initiated to Development team and the phase includes
    • Development
    • Testing and 
    • Released on finding it fully functional, released it with the new version of the software which may cover other such features as well OR only this feature if it’s unique to a client.
  4. This updated version is then deployed at client end and the customer care team train the client and its operators about the changes in the version and how to use them.
To add on not only did we change our versions and work towards continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, but we also change the platforms, so that the products can work on different platforms giving customers the liberty to work on Windows, Web and Android.

Our Product RetailGraph which is the best software solution for retail stores and chains works on different platforms which include:

  1. Desktop - Windows
  2. Web
  3. Mobile-Android
These applications are unique in their own way and cater to the needs of retailer. Desktops are no more a requirement, rather it has become need of the hour, without which a business suffers, similarly business application on Web and your phone is a requirement now which we have sensed and acted upon it, and going forward this will be a necessity.

Currently we have the same applications being used by different client on Window’s Desktop environment, Web Based Environment with Microsoft Azzure and also on Android.

We believe in continuous improvement, we change continuously. 


Hope you liked the blog, please share your comments.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The 3 Best Retail Habits

Best retail habits

For over 20 years, we have worked closely with retail and we have identified these three retail habits the most successful retailers adopt to improve accuracy and increase customer satisfaction.

Habit No 1 – Learn more about your customers

In sales it is called KYC (know your customer) it is very important for any business to know there customer and to understand them well. Knowing customer well certainly drives your business and this way you can clearly prioritize and set promotions and schemes for your customers as you are aware of what works and what does customers like to buy – whether it’s online, in store or from a catalogue? 

 It’s said ‘Knowledge is Power’, so ensure you and your staff are always engaged and ready to ask the right questions. You must ensure customer preferences, value and purchase histories are properly maintained and are in your Retail Software and captured for Future reference.

Habit No 2 – Fast and Easy access to Information

Is your face blank when someone asks you about your sales, current inventory, near expire goods, current accounts and financial position. If yes, then you must lookout for a software solution which has all these features to give you the right information every time. Accurate information not only helps you to know your current position but also helps you in drafting strategies for the future.

Information can help you in:

  • Identify best suppliers
  • Customer preferences
  • Peak sales hours
  • Best promotional scheme
  • Near Expiry items
  • Inventory reports
  • Current Account Details and profit margins 

Habit No 3 – Create ‘value based’ promotions

It is said that out of sight is out of mind, and thus it is always advisable to be in contact of you customers. You must communicate with your customer. To communicate you must ensure that at the time of billing you have saved the name, no. email id etc accurately. This helps you for all your future communications with the customer: You can also ask for customers Birthday and Anniversary as well, and send greeting on that day.

In software’s the features of send SMS and Email helps you to communicate with your customers for

  • New Offers
  • Promotion schemes
  • Birthday or Anniversary Greetings
  • Fresh Arrivals
  • Festive Season Sales etc
  • Patients can be reminded for their medication for coming months
This way you can be in touch with your customer and they will also have a sense of belongingness towards your store.

Conclusion: Think deeply about your customers and do best you can to make it easier for them decide to buy from you. Speak to RetailGraph team now to show case the Demonstration of the software which can also be integrated with your Online Retail Store.

Hope you liked the Blog. Please share your comments. 

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Information Technology to be an Integral part of Retail

Information Technology to be an Integral part of Retail 


In today's blog post we will briefly share about IT being an integral part of retail.

With the increasing globalization in retail and the increasing entrants in the markets the competition to stay ahead and have sustainable profitability and growth is crucial for retailers. To have the competitive edge the use of Information technology has increased many folds and now it has become a necessity and part of business.

In fact it was not many years ago that IT was considered as a Cost center function in organization and limited budgets were allocated to IT which includes software, hardware, security, network etc.

But in Today’s’ age Information technology with offering catering to different industries including retail has changed the scenario. We all are happily surrounded by IT, right from the time we enter in a store to the time we leave. CCTV, RFID, Barcode, Scanners, POS, etc all have reduced the time consuming tasks and has increased the efficiency.

In addition to it retail software’s control the data in an efficient manner and not only keep track of accounts, Inventory, promotions, expiry, etc.. But provides valuable analytic and reporting, few other things are:

· Companies ability to respond to the evolving markets through enhances flexibility and agility
· Analyzing and enhancing customer data
· Helps in working effectively with One system across all stores with data synchronization
· Provide real time information.
· Saves a lot on Cost
· Transparency and tracking
· Handles Tax and much more

IT in retail or specifically the software for retail, plays many roles like of a supply chain system, Enterprise retail system, store operation systems and manages the entire retail store efficiently.

Web technologies have given a new dimension and revolution in the field of retail stores, it is technology that has given us the liberty and freedom to purchase anything anywhere just on a simple click of mouse or a touch on personal computer and smart phones.

To the likes of big ones like Amazon.com or flipkart.com, retailers can also have their own stores online an d can target their regional area by selling products online.

This is just a start, to provide excellent services and convenience to the end customer, many big giants are thinking of a step ahead for instance Amazon Prime air priding you your ordered item in 30 minutes, still under the R&D phase watch this Video http://www.amazon.com/b?node=8037720011

Yes it is technology of the future, but again its is technology which is touching our life every day and every minute.

With this we would conclude this blog, and I am sure retailers friends will always thrive to have the best of the solutions for their retail stores.

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