Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Retail Software for Departmental Stores

Retail Software for Departmental Stores

RetailGraph is a complete Retail Management System that offers small
and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale solution that can be
adapted to meet unique retail requirements. This powerful software
package automates POS processes and store operations, provides
centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with other
popular applications. RetailGraph is based on most advanced;  &
proven Microsoft. Net Platform with SQL server as backend & is
capable to meet unique & changing retail needs.

Key Features
  •  Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes
  •  Available in both online & offline modes
  •  Automate inventory and purchase Management
  •  Sales Promotions handling
  •  Payment options for Cash, Credit Card, Cheque                               
  •  VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling
  •  User Defined Day Books & Graphical Reports
  •  Complete MIS View & Reporting
  •  Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet
  •  Export reports to Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  •  Sell in Kg/Mtr/Ltr/Sq.Ft./Pcs/Loose
  •  Loyalty card & coupons
  •  Weighing Machine handling
  •  Option to bill for services
  •  Product Conversion
  •  Virtual Item/Kits Definition
  •  Multiple Stock & Sales Locations


·         Fast, efficient & personalized services to Customers
·         Plan marketing strategy based on sales trends
·         Track consumer preferences & detail purchase history
·         Access, analyze and share data across the chain
·         Protect your invesiment with rich support and maintenace offerings
·         Reduce Investment on Inventory
·         Lower Operating Cost
·         Effective Control over pilferage
·         Effective centralized control at HO

Why Only RetailGraph

Specially Designed For Retail Stores & Chains
RetailGraph is specially designed for retail stores & covers A to Z requirements of a retail store. Empowered with unique features specially required for retail business, RetailGraph stands apart from other general accounting and inventory softwares . It has gotPOS module for retail store , central store module for distribution and web based HO module for management of chain store operations

Web based Technology
ReatilGraph is developed in .Net environment that allows you to have your complete business operations on netit enables you with the power of accessing your business remotelyform anywhere .ReatilGraph can be used in online or offline mode at stores.

Product from the most Exprienced Company
ReatilGraph is one of the premium product of SWIL , who is the leading company working for healthcare & retail industry . SWIL is having more than 150years  of cumulative manpower exprience in retail and distribution software and has got 10000 clinets inpharmaceuticals trade in various states of india.

Very Easy & Fast Implementation
Installing RetailGraph on your computer takes no time . Implementing ReailGraph needs drive from top management to manage store operations efficiently.

Very Simple & Easy to Use
RetailGraph is so simple & easy to use that even a novice can work on it.It's simplified user interface , menu driven structure & drill down reports make it possible for everybody in your store to use it very conveninently.

Minimun Training Requirements
ReatilGraph does not require any specialized or professional training. Sales Persons at your store can start using RetailGraph immediately after installation.

Cost Effective Solutions
RetailGraph can be deployed in single user/multi user , single location/multi location , single store/multi store format as per requirement . Centarl Store module and HO module can be deployed later on . Charges vary according to no. of users , no. of stores and no. of modules. Customization is also possible in reasonable cost.

Strong Sales Services
RetailGraph is backed with a very strong support syatem to ensure instant attention to any of your issues like intraoduction to new tax syatem , changes in invoice formats etc. You can also avail online support on RetailGraph through internet.

Product from an ISO 9001:2000 company
SWIL is pioneer in the field of software products for healthcare & retail industry. Excellent after sales services has been the key behind the sucess story of thecompnay and it has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification for its services.

Visit www.retailgraph.com to know more about RetailGraph.