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How Mr. Patel Celebrated a Jubilant Diwali with


Hello, we are back with our stories, and we hope you have read our earlier posts.

Which Shares about RetailGraph and how it works as a best retail store software.

Today’s story is about a businessman and his worries, and how RetailGraph helped him celebrate his Diwali in more joyous manner.

Mr. Patel has a Big Grocery Store in has to manage the staff and transaction on his own, to add more frequent requests on phone for free home delivery in and around the region is also a task that eats out most of his time.

It was the winters and the festive season is ahead with Eid-Dusshera and Diwali line up in stock and will approach in a month’s time. Usually we clean, paint and decorate our shops, home and houses and celebrate the festival.

But this season is different for Mr. Patel, with diminishing margins and increasing operational costs he is a little worried on how things will work for him and what should be done to expand and grow.

He thought he must invest in something fruitful during the festive season to give his business a boost, he was also afraid of picking up something wrong, so thought of introspecting on the challenges he faces, so that he can get a solution to remove or reduce those challenges.

Few of the challenges faced by Mr. Patel were as below:
  • Slow billing as using local software, which hangs at times and is not robust
  • Customer Engagement (although he know many familiar faces but can’t really make a connect with them )
  • Control over near expiry goods
  • Accountability for Lessing loose item in inaccurate
  • Managing Returns and replacements 
  • Managing the Order queues for home delivery 
  • Products without barcodes
  • Inventory Management with an understanding of fast moving item, slow moving item and more reports for analysis
  • Accounting Till balance sheet, can show daily P&L statement
  • Can import export data and can analyze the details
  • Best Vendor Selection
So the requirement was clear now he want an online store for his shop, which can be integrated with the Retail Store software which is also a requirement.

Apart from the above challenges Mr. Patel also wishes for the following:

To have an online store ( as many young customers have enquired about it so that they can log in and order online – being the oldest and trusted store Mr. Patel has a very good chance to target these customers in the region.) but is afraid due to the manageability

So with all these thoughts conceptualized in mind, Mr. Patel searched online for Retail Store Software and came across RetailGraph software solution from SWIL.

He understood all the details provided on their website along with the blogs and online videos, and thought of having an                                                                            online demo.

The Demo shown to him fulfills all his requirements and few of the benefits and features of the Retail software are as:

Best for Point of Sales

  • Fast billing using barcodes
  • Can print own barcodes
  • Promotion Handling – loyalty cards and coupons

Best for Inventory Management

  • Controls near expiry items
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Detailed Reporting and analysis to understand

Best for Financial Accounting

  • Service tax, VAT, CST Handling
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounting till balance sheet

Best for Retail chain

  • Consolidated reports on web
  • User rights for reports
  • Has an option to have Online Store

Access, Analyze, & Reporting across the chain
Low Operation costs through best supplier
Plan Marketing & Promotions strategy
Fast, efficient & personalized services to customer
Effective control over pilferage
Transparency and Control

And to add on RetailGraph can also be scaled up as per the requirement, it can be work across different platforms and is quick and easy to implemented, and can be used with minimum training required.

Most importantly the company provides strong after sale’s support.

Mr. Patel was quiet satisfied with the details and the demo of the product, and finalized it.

The Solution provided to Mr. Patel, suited him the best and he has his own online Store @

This Diwali, Mr. Patels investment has paid off well, his online store is a hit in the region among the young office going crowd, which orders grocery and other items on day to day basis, this online store is also in sync with the software deployed at store, so managing the inventory is easy and simple.

Mr. Patel has discovered an increase of Revenues during the months, thanks to Diwali season, RetailGraph and the Online Store

Indeed Mr. Patel is celebrating a jubilant Diwali with RetailGraph.

Hope you have liked the blog post – please share your comments.

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