Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reports & Analytics in Retail Store Software


Today's blog post will focus on understanding the importance of Reporting and Analysis, and how we customer must be educated about its needs and wants.

Well we all are familiar with RetailGraph and its detailed reporting and analysis features which help retailers to understand the function in more profitable manner.

RetailGraph which works across different trades fulfills the reporting and analytic related needs for the retailers.

It has the following reports 

  • Sales
    • Product Wise sales
    • Sales Transaction
    •  Daily Report
    • Check List
    • Refer By Wise Sales
    • Sales Detail Report
    • Customer Ledger
    • Collection Report
    • Return Status Report
  • Purchase
    • Product Wise sale 
    • Purchase Transaction
    • Daily Report
    • Check List
    • Product wise Purchase
    • Margin Reports
    • Purchase Details Report
    • Vendor Ledger
    • Payment Report
  • Transaction Status Rerport
    • Sales Return Status 
    • Sales Cr/Dr. Note Status
    • Sales Order Status
    • Sales Challan Status
    • Purchase Return Status
    • Purchase Cr./Dr. Note Status
    • Purchase Order Status
    • Purchase Challan Status
  • Account Reports
    • Day Books
    • Ledger Display
    • Trial Balance
    • Trading Account
    • Profit and Loss A/c
    • Balance Sheet
    • Funds Flow
    • Account Group Details
    • Bank Reconciliation Reports
  • Inventory Reports
    • Sales and Stock
    • Stock Details
    • Stock Ageing
    • Non Salable Goods In Stock
    • Hold Stock
    • Non Moving Items
    • Excess Stock
    • Expiry Details
    • Near Expiry Goods Purhase
    • Vendor Wise Near Expiry Analysis
    • Recorder Detail
    • Fast Moving Items
    • Min Qty Best Vendor Reorder Details
    • Product Wise Stock Transfer
    • Stock Ledger
    • Adjustment Report
    • Indent Report
    • Stock Transfer Report
    • Price List
    • Stock Valuation Reports
  • Profit Reports
    • Month Wise
    • Date Wise 
    • Customer Wise
    • Product Wise
    • Invoice Wise
    • Current Stock Profit
  • Customer Reports
    • Customer License expiry Report
  • VAT Forms
  • Declaration Reports
    • Form Stock Position
    • Pending Invoice Details
    • Form Register Report
  • User Check List
  • Check List
  • Schedule Report
  • Daily Summary Report


  • Product Wise Sales
  • Sales Transaction
  • Product Wise Purchase
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Stock Ageing
  • Receivables
  • Receivables Ageing
  • Payable
  • Payable Ageing 
  • Collection Report
  • Ledger Display
  • Trail Balance
  • Stock Details
  • Sales and Stock
That is to much right, 

And to add on further these reports have other combination to have more detailed reporting and analysis. So RetailGraph has ample of reports for your needs and requirements.

But still coming back to the point of Need and Want, software users must understand and clearly differentiate between their needs and wants to finalize the best solution for them. Best in terms of the work as well as commercially.

A need can further be divided into
(1) Stated needs, 
(2) Real needs, 
(3) Unstated needs,
(4) Delight needs, and 
(5) Secret needs.

Responding only to the stated need may short change the customer. For example, if a customer enters a hardware store and asks for a sealant to seal glass window panes, she is stating a solution, not a need. If the salesperson suggests that tape would provide a better solution, the customer may appreciate that the salesperson met her need and not her stated solution.

Hence both for the vendor and the customer it is very crucial to understand the needs to have the best experience through the software.

We at SWIL make sure that we understand the need in totality before sharing the solution.

We believe that solution needs has to be defined such that it covers what is immediately needed and it must have a little room to expand considering the future plans.

Retailgraph Covers reporting and analytic in detailed way, and we also develop customized reporting based on the special requirement of our clients.

However we feel it is more important for businesses to understand what is needed and what suits them, as there are Nth no. of reports and analytic which can be inferred and one can come up with, but is it really needed or required is the question that organisation must consider and ask themselves.

Hope you have liked the blog and the details shared. Please share your comments.

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