Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Retailers must do now to make 2014 better?

We all have resistances towards change, and it is within and not an external factor.

As rightly said -----“Your own enemy can’t harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts” -- Buddha

So it is essential for retailers to come out of the old thought process and adapt to acquire the new technology and idea’s which are helpful for them to grow their business and increase profits.

WE suggest retailers to plan today for a better tomorrow. Yes can plan to implement the Retail Store software now which makes your coming year -2014 a better year and brings prosperity.

Give yourself some time to answer some of the below mentioned point to start with.

1. Identify your best 5 or 10 customers and what you can do to increase your level of business with them next year.
2. Identify Products you can leverage hard with both your existing customer base and with new customers.
3. Identify the 2 big things you know if you change in your sales process will make a significant difference in your results. 
4. Identify customers/prospects you don’t mind to walk away from.

Retail Store solutions helps you to answer not only these questions but also helps you to identify more such points which needs answer and will help in growth of the retail store.

RetailGraph is so scalable that it not only handles your current requirement but also is scalable enough to help you for your future.

1. RetailGraph as an Desktop Application Helps you with over all Store management be it Accounting, inventory management, handling returns, replacements, discounts, deciding best vendor, calculating profits, fast moving goods, slow moving stock, expiry information and more

2. RetailGraph –E-store: Helps you integrate RetailGraph’s Desktop Application with your online store. Online Stores are one of the best utility in this busy world. They help individuals to books their order online, and relax at home; the store will deliver it to their door steps. This helps them to save a lot of time and can even return an item if they found it tampered. This has not only helped consumer but helped the retailers as well, it has increased their revenues, and a new store is running independently online.

3. RetailGraph on Android: RetailGraph is a future ready product, it works on android on Tabs, or Smartphone’s. This has given it power to be future ready for the changing retail requirements and changing technology.

Technology is ever changing and the computational powers doubles in every 2 years as per Moore’s law. It is hard to grow as fast as technology is changing but yes change to an extent is required to compete in the marketplace and grow businesses.

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