Friday, March 14, 2014

This Holi - Change Discover and Grow


Forget the past and don’t over think the future just live in the present is the best policy. To focus on what you have in hand is important.

Holi bring cheers in our life as the Festivals are known as festival of colors, love, and victory of good over the evil. Indian festivals and rituals provide us so many chances every year to
transform our self and the one around us or the one who are associated with us, that this is actually the true spirit of a festival, which tells us to let go the past, and live in the present moment and try to transform our self for good.

Transformation can be of many types, be it internally for yourself and others or be it changes for good in your business or profession.

We would like to share our experience on how RetailGraph as POS software transforms businesses and touch many lives’s regularly.

RetailGraph helps them with day to day operations of a retail store, be it billing, accounting or managing inventory m Expiry etc. It manages it all.

All you need is the motivation to change and grow. You must change yourself to bring the change in people, things, and situations around you, and yes for our Retailer friends “RetailGraph” is the change they must adopt to transform their retail business.

The change and transformation brings freedom, joy and customer satisfaction through the following features of Retail Graph.

  • Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes
  • Available in both online & offline modes
  • Automate inventory and purchase Management
  • Sales Promotions handling
  • Payment options for Cash, Credit Card, Cheque 
  • VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling
  • User Defined Day Books & Graphical Reports
  • Complete MIS View & Reporting
  • Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet
  • Export reports to Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  • Sell in Kg/Mtr/Ltr/Sq.Ft./Pcs/Loose
  • Loyalty card & coupons
  • Weighing Machine handling
  • Option to bill for services
  • Product Conversion
  • Virtual Item/Kits Definition
  • Multiple Stock & Sales Locations

The Benefits

  • Fast, efficient & personalized services to Customers
  • Plan marketing strategy based on sales trends
  • Track consumer preferences & detail purchase history
  • Access, analyze and share data across the chain 
  • Protect your investments with rich support and maintenance offerings
  • Reduce Investment on Inventory
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Effective Control over pilferage
  • Effective centralized control at HO

RetailGraph is developed on the proven Microsoft's Dot Net Technology with SQL server as the Back End.

  • It works across platforms and is comprehensive in nature.
  • Supported by SWIL which has 20+ years of Experience
  • Quick Implementation with Simple and easy to use Features
  • Strong After Sales support provides value for money.
So this Holi let us initiate the change with in us and move a step closer to successfully manage our retail business.

Hope you have liked the blog, do share your comments.

RetailGraph Team

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