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Shopping Online Vs Shopping On store

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Today’s story is of a upper middle class nuclear family of Nair’s , there were 5 member in family as their younger son say’s, Mr.&Mrs Nair, their daughter Sandhya (pinky), younger son Tarun (Deepu). Ahh sorry I forgot to mention about Tomy their Labrador, yes Tomy is part of the family and very close to deepu and pinky.

Both the children were good in studies and have recently learned computers and use of internet in their last vacations, and they are now graduating on the use of it day after another. Pinky is in 10th this year and avoids wasting time in avoidable outings as she is focused on achieving good marks in the board exams.

The family usually used to go together on a nearby market which has almost all type of retailers for day to day needs.
Please Be Online 

One fine day Mrs. Nair asked pinky to come along with her to buy some fresh flowers from the nearby market, as they were expecting some guests and she would like to decorate the drawing room.

Pinky who is busy online in her free time, asked her mother---You want roses or Lilly’s or some other flower

Mrs. Nair: We will buy rose only, 5 white and 5 red... Yes it will work, will decorate both sides in combination

Pinky: Ok… it will get delivered in another 30 minutes.

Mrs Nair: What? , what do you mean; we have to go to Raju’s shop for flowers.

Pinky: I just ordered it online; you will receive a call in 5 mins to confirm your order, and yes you have to pay when they deliver.

Mrs Nair getting a little angry, why you ordered online, it’s not safe and what if the flowers are not fresh, please don’t do it the next time, by the time Mrs Nair could finish with all that her phone rang, she received a call and heard a well mannered voice reconfirming the order, Mrs Nair told him clearly, if the flowers are not fresh I will not accept and will not pay, a polite voice came from the other end, yes mam for sure.

Mrs Nair waited in a dilemma will the flowers get delivered in time? Will they be fresh? What if the decoration is not perfect today and all the negative thoughts were in her mind, soon the bell rang – yes flowers and they are fresh, she Paid the money and started her decoration.

The evening went as planned guest’s arrived every one appreciated the food and flowers as well.

However still Mrs. Nair is not in favor of online purchases, she believes in experiencing (touch and feel) the product before buying. Every common individual have the same thought process, yes many of us. But the thought is changing and people have started enjoying the benefit of online purchases.

Mrs. Nair’s another encounter with online purchase happened soon.

It was a Sunday morning and every one planned for a Lunch, pinky and deepu insisted for a movie after lunch, on which Mrs. Nair said no, not today, we need to go shopping for the grocery, I already have the list with me and we can't miss that.

Children insisted again and again for the movies, as it was the last chance for them before the exams which will start next month.

No no no, Mrs Nair shouted, we have to buy it today we are running short of grocery and I alone can’t go and carry so many bags, so we have to buy today.

Pinky in a requesting tone---Mother let’s buy it online my friend ritika and her mother also purchase grocery online, she told me and it’s safe. 

NO- yes big NO from Mrs. Nair----What is this online-online pinky-- what's wrong with you kids, you are becoming unsocial now a day’s u don’t like outing with your parents at all nor even help in purchases as you used to help earlier. This is just the start, Mrs. Nair Continued for another 10 minutes, when Mr.Nair interrupted and explained that there is no harm in online purchase and that way children are helping us but in a different way. 

Now days even store based retailers have their online stores, from where you can pick and choose.

All the three explained started explaining the benefits to Mrs. Nair:

· It’s Safe shopping you pay through secured gateways, or you pay on delivery

· No Parking charges so that’s a discount

· Best rates and offers

· Free home delivery, no need to carry all the bags on your own

· Return facility for goods also available, in case you have changed your mind on some purchases

· Lux will be Lux it will not change its property if we buy online

· You avoid long queue and much more.
SHOP Online and Save

Thank god Mrs. Nair agreed, and they searched for their retailer online whom they used to buy from, yes he has an online store and we can buy from here--- pinky in excitement

This was the first lesson OR introduction of Mrs Nair to online shopping in an online store.

She told what all she needs and pinky and deepu assisted her to get all the products in the online basket, it took around 15 minutes to shop online, and they have 4 time slots available for home delivery so they choose  the evening slot—and yes they are done.

They just saved at least 40-45 minutes and above all the mood of kids and a movie to enjoy with the family.

It’s a win win for the retailers as well
· Setup your own online store
· Customize your store-your logo, products etc

· Translate into any language

· Reach millions of customer

· Multiple payment options

· Experts marketing Advice

· Generate More income

· 24x7 business expansion

· New features can be added

· Attract online customers irrespective of demographics

Yes RetailGraph along with RetailGraph E-store helps you to bring your business online. Some of the Key Features are:
· Automated Sale, Purchase and Inventory management

· Include 1000s Add-to-Cart products per web site. Create, import, and export Store Modules.

· Supports PayPal, COD, Bank Transfer & payment gateway services.

· Supports both Hyperlink and HTML Form Add-to-Cart Buttons Create integrated Shopping Carts.

· Dozens of customization, web site themes. A complete set of GUI Design Tools for creating your Products Ads and Web Pages.

· A META Tag Design utility - used for search engine classification and indexing. An image file Import / Preview utility

· Built-in Import / Export data utility for interfacing with Retailgraph Program. Automatically generates both the Main and Sub Category Navigation menus.

To conclude it’s clear that online shopping is picking up and picking up real fast, with more store’s adopting the e-store model and more youngsters changing the mindset of their parents and more importantly parents realizing the benefits and accepting it is an early start of an online era where buyer prefer online purchase over traditional purchase.

And why not when I know that I can have the same quality, quantity and price of the product then why waste my time, energy and a little money to go and shop.

So retailers get your online store today. And buyer keeps shopping 

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  1. This blog is interesting.Actually most of the people don't buy online,because they think online shopping is not good but now the time has change most of the people start buying online and because online shopping has many advantages.I also starts buying vegetables and grocery online and it is good experience.