Thursday, April 4, 2013

“Every Skyline has its own special story to share, and who better to tell the story than the people living there!”

Yes he only can share who has experience it.

Well I am sharing about Retailgraph and it ongoing stories of success. 

Today I have stories of two brothers same business, no please I am not sharing about the, the Brother of India, but twins of Mr. Gopal and Mrs Gayatri who were running there Grocery stores in a tier-III city.

Yes brothers are Mr. Ram and Mr. Shyam – remember sita-gita yes similarly they were Ram-Shyam twins. Both brothers who were graduates and have also learned computer in their college.

Their attitude and approach are in opposite directions and Ram is a bit introvert and closed in nature and don’t like much changes in life on the other hand shyam is a bit outgoing and is open for changes specially if it is for good. Both are close to parents, and each other.

Both were given a shop each to run their family business of grocery (“KIRANA”) store after completing graduation. Starting their shops was a moment of extreme pride for them and their parents. Business families prefer business.

Let me remind of how traditional store used to be :

1. Lala ji (like ram and shyam now), and

2. Helper (usually named chotu, pappu, raju) no offences to names.

3. Lala ji is Lalaji for all age groups and sexes may it be a boy of 8 year or senior citizen 80 year old

4. Lalaji is only for accounting he will not go again and again to get things for you, hierarchies and job descriptions were in place.

So both our Lalaji’s ram and shyam were happily running their business with their chotus and raju’s, after couple of years of monotonous work on shops Shyam started feeling that there are things which he must improve upon and he should discuss it with Ram as well.

On the very night after dinner shyam initiate the conversation with Ram

Shyam: How is business brother?

Ram: As usual what’s new?

Shyam: Ok. Are you facing any challenges or changes?

Ram: Challenges? Yes chotu is taking too many offs now a day’s, that’s it.

Shayam: You do not understand I am asking about operational challenges?

Ram: I have never thought of that as far as profit is their?

Shyam: I have many challenges and issues let us discuss and I am sure you will realize they were your problems as well. 

The concerns are:

· Mistakes during billing to the customers and Wholesaler- these are on daily basis and are losses how to control ?

· Managing the expiry of many products is tough, leading to problem in claims and chaos ?

· Registering breakages and How to control pilferage ?

· Can’t we purchase material together and sell at our shops mine, yours and fathers?

· I wish if we can have information on our sales, product wise, customer wise and much more but how ?

· Why can’t we run promotions on our store like the bigger retailers do, we can also offer our regular customers some scheme or points but how to do that?

· The manual work I do is prone to errors can’t we have a computer working and telling all these things?

Ram: you have gone mad, It’s not magic shyam we have to do hard work only, then only it will work. From tomorrow focus more and work hard.

Shyam: No you are not getting me, it’s not that way, let us take some advice from our cousin manoj, he lives in a bigger city he must have more idea. Please let us call him and discuss.

Ram: Ok, let us call him.

Manoj is a cousin to them and runs 4 retail stores in a bigger city.
Manoj : Hello brothers how come you called so late, everything alright how’s uncle and aunty.

Shyam( In excitement): everyone is fine here other than our business

Manoj: What happened and how can I help.

Shaya & Ram: narrated the entire story of issues and concerns they have.

Manoj (laughed out as if he knew the solution): yes yes… I can help you.

Ram-Shyam: how please tell more.

Manoj: I am happy that you have thought in this direction and are willing to change the way we used to work, I used to face the same challenges, but thanks to “Retailgraph” now I am tension free and have clear visibility of my business.

Ram-shaym: Retailgraph, what is that?

Manoj: He is a magician,. it is a complete Retail Management System that offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements. This powerful software package automates POS processes and store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with other popular applications. RetailGraph is based on most advanced & proven Microsoft. Net Platform with SQL server as backend & is capable to meet unique & changing retail needs. Retailgraph shows you the analytics of your retail business. Retailgraph is highly effective and useful software which can also be called as Departmental Store Software, Electronic Store Software, FMCG Software, Stationery Software, Warehouse Software, and Software for wholesaler and so on. It is the flexibility and scalability of the software which makes it useful for so many businesses.

Ram-shyam: That’s too much he does too many works and we can’t even handle a single store.

Manoj: That’s nothing he performs many activities like:

Key Features

· Automated Sale, Purchase and Inventory management

· Complete MIS View and user defined reports & analytics.

· Complete Accounting up to Balance Sheet

· Barcode Billing printing

· Export/Import in excel/pdf formats

· User & Store wise login

· User / Store / Region wise privilege to view and edit information

· VAT & Central Tax handling

· Facility to directly email reports

· Trust on accurate information for strategy

· Track customer preferences and buying pattern

· Plan Marketing Strategies

· Maintain hassle free and clean accounting

· Engage with your customer

· Stock Analytics

    o Expiry

    o Slow moving

    o Fast moving

    o Dead stock etc..

· Fully Menu driven and user-friendly

Ram-shyam: Brother it must be very expensive and how to managing this will be a bigger problem 

Manoj : It is easy to use and user friendly . ok tell me have you worked on window in your college.

Ram-Shyam: Yes, what’s in that, its normal windows on a computer with menu driven links

Manoj: Exactly, it is developed keeping that in mind, it’s the same way as window’s.

Ram-shyam: Must be very costly

Manoj: No its not it is cost effective, and you can recover the cost in less than a year, with more profits and removing losses in your business.

Ram-shyam: Please tell us how to get it installed and improve our earnings like you.

Manoj: I will give your no. to the, SWIL-members and they will contact you and get it installed.

Ram-shyam: ok brother thanks for the guidance, but who are these SWIL members?

Manoj: SWIL is the organization who has developed the software, you can say they are the heart and brain behind this. I will be mailing you some details please go through them. Good night and have a worry free sleep.

Ram-shyam: Thanks for the valuable information good night.

As I say: stores and stories keep on changing but answers to the problems are analysis and visibility to business.
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