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We all have our childhood experience of shopping. Shopping then in itself used to be a project and we plan for it.

The grocery for the entire month is fixed and a list of necessary items is handed over to the head of the family usually father. The list is full of needs and wants were exceptional and were considered once in awhile only Or are conditional if expecting guests or if someone has passed with flying colors and so on.

The list has its own importance and everyone in the family wish to include an item of their choice in the list and the father decides whether it’s required or not or when it can be added. As the budget for the list has a  little variance available as mostly homes back then were single income homes with women as a home maker father is the only source of income. This was the time when India has yet to witness major reforms in industrialization and is still on carts and cycles.

With the changing economical structure of the county, occupations have changed and with that the buying patterns, thoughts and much more. With changing times family’s lists have now accepted wants on a regular basis and women and children choices were considered more. With the advent of scooters family outings were increased and purchasing the monthly grocery was one amongst them.

Stores like departmental store, Pharmacy Store, medical store, stationery store, Furniture store, gifts store, shoe store were more prevalent and people feel sense of pride sharing such name in their conversions with others.

These stores were highly accepted amongst masses and were a new source of self employment for the common men.

With changing time, computerization, FDI in retail and Globalizations came the new era of supermarkets, hypermarkets and more. These formats have given an entire new dimension to the shopping experience. Now you need to just pick and choose what you need or want from the large formats of stores and shelves.

This has given new shape to the buying experience of customers, families shopping visit’s have now been more enjoyable and kids were more happy as they were more free to choose and convince their parents in the environment for items of their choice.

Also working women have become more independent and are less dependent on men; they have started shopping alone or with friends and even with kids. The dependencies on men have reduced and the empowered women and new shopping format were shining.

The above facts have increased the foot falls in stores and retail chains and it was necessary for them to manage the store operations well for better customer experience, as phrases like “customer is the king” is prevalent during these times.

So for better customer experience software’s were being used at market place for booking, billing, inventory management, purchase management and more.

With increasing competition things like loyalty cards, bonus points, promotional offers and discounts were visible at market place and Software is the one who is managing all this.

Well the software has come to the rescue of the store based retailers and helps them in many ways like:

· Trust on accurate information for strategy
· Track customer preferences and buying pattern
· Plan Marketing Strategies
· Maintain hassle free and clean accounting
· Engage with your customer
· Stock Analytics
o Expiry
o Slow moving
o Fast moving
o Dead stock etc.

With the acceptance of online purchases by the consumers, it is essential to have an online store of yours to be in the race and cater to the online shoppers as well.

With people spending more time online it is very essential to capture the online market which works 24x7 for you.

SWIL has helped retailers in every walk of their life, whether it is a single shop, a retail chain or an online store it has solution for all.

With RetailGraph and Retailg E –stores it has helped the retailer to dream big and grow.

Changing time has changed the way retailer do business and its a win win for the customers and retailers.

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