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Interference---Change is need of the hour--Independence

Today’s story is yet again a story of changing times and will tell more about the buying pattern of individuals of different age groups and how the businesses can’t neglect that….

A residential society invites many shops like Departmental store, Sweet, barber etc in the same vicinity. This is a win-win for both, businessman gets business and is near to customer and for residents also as they can avoid traveling distances for small needs.

Patel bhai (every one addresses him so, and so does Mr. Desai,) who operate a decent size store was supplying grocery to the residents from almost 15 years now, and has become a part of everyone’s daily life and is just like family. With Raju and Pappu as young helpers patel bhai is managing the affair well.

Mr. Desai is one of the early entrants in the society and one of the oldest customers of Patel bhai.

As time passed by Mr.Desai’s son got married, Mr. Patel is also invited in the wedding and was introduced to the daughter in-law as an elder person she should respect (In a typical Indian scenario we all and specifically daughter in laws ought to pay respect to everybody and anybody her new mother and father say’s – they were programmed to do so)

So the young couple (Ritu & Sandeep) started living in the society and yes used to visit Patel bhai for daily needs,specifically Ritu as she has given new responsibilities in the family.She visited Patel bhai’s shop quite often and her observations and experiences have irritated her to an extent that she decided to share it with her friends.

Friends of her are the new members in different families. So it’s the daughter in-law’s Club.So the evening came when all the young ladies “Daughter In-law’s Club” gathered for their routine get together.

Ritu can’t hold it anymore and she initiated and told that I have certain observations that I would like to share and narrated the entire story which is as:

I visited Patel bhai’s shop and asked for list of items, and he told me buy LUX only instead of Dove Soap. Not only once but insisted me atleast thrice i felt that he is also trying to be my mother inlaw.

He say's Desai’s never uses dove, I will give LUX.

Another time I was buying a room freshener for our room, he again pointed it out.

Well these are just two instances it happens all the times, he always cross question’s, I even doubt if he used to discuss it with my mother in law or father in-law and it can defame my image at home.  I can't take it any more.

Hmmmmmmm a loud and clear sound made by all – as if confirming that they have experienced the same and are in agreement to this.

Everybody jumped in and participation started:
# Many a time we have received expiry goods.
# He should not interfere in what we want to buy
# He always used to give suggestions
# Can’t we even buy products of our choices
# He might even used to tell about it to our parents
# This has created a scene in our family yesterday

What should we do, can’t we buy from some other shop?
In between a voice came, have you seen the other shop in next lane only 200 mtr ahead of Patel bhai’s shop, let us buy from there he has a neat and clean rack arrangement, so we can easily pick and choose and buy independently.
Wow that’s great let us purchase from there.

Patel bhai has to face the music
As expected dip in sales--, and looking at residents shifting to the new shop has made him a more worried.

A week later an old and close friend visited him, Patel bhai discussed the point of his worry with his friend.

His friend asked Patel bhai,...which scooter you used to ride when you were young ?

What is it to do with that…?

It has to, you tell me….

Ok and your son 

Motorcycle said Patel Bhai.

Think Patel think, time is changing and so does buyers and he left.

Patel bhai has understood the message and has a crystal clear plan in his mind by night.

The very next day he called certain vendors and ordered for a makeover of his store, he has also seen demo of Retailgraph and finalized it for his store along with the online store feature.
A new signboard on his shop stating

“Change is good – store operational in 5 days.”

This has also created a little excitement in the residents who see the sign board every time they enter or leave the society.
Finally the day arrived “Patel Bhai’s” old shop in new avatar is ready for business.The new store has clean and clear arrangements-proper-racks-discounted items and a software system.

Retailgraph in place which has many features and benefits like:

· Automated Sale, Purchase and Inventory management
· Online Store Feature (Optional)
· Complete MIS View and user defined reports & analytics.
· Complete Accounting up to Balance Sheet
· Barcode Billing printing
· User & Store wise login
· User / Store / Region wise privilege to view and edit information
· VAT & Central Tax handling
· Trust on accurate information for strategy
· Track customer preferences and buying pattern
· Plan Marketing Strategies
· Maintain hassle free and clean accounting
· Engage with your customer
· Stock Analytic
o Expiry
o Slow moving
o Fast moving
o Dead stock etc.

· Fully Menu driven and user-friendly And much more

This new format with arranged racks, software for management and an online store in place, is been successful in getting customers back has helped Patel bhai save his business.

Well no one is wrong in the above mentioned scenario; rather it is the changing times.

Remember “lambretta scooter then came Priya then came Hero Honda and so on.

Distances remain the same but the way we prefer to travel them changes. 

And Why not if change is for good.
In today’s scenario, buyer associates shopping with:

#Pride, confidence and much more

So let the new buyers come and purchase, let them feel the product, let them think, let them decide.
For you to analyze and engage with your customer there is “Retailgraph”.

Just to add on a personal experience with my daughter who is just below 3 years.

Whenever we go out buying chocolates / toffee, it is her who would like to do all the talking and selection of gems and chocolates on her own, of course I interfere and she doesn't like that. :-)

as they say------ Changing times----------

----------Stories Keep on changing but answer to the problems are analysis and visibility------------------- 

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