Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Change is Important for a Software Solution ?

Why Change is Important for a Software Solution ?

The Only thing that is constant is change. Yes change is inevitable. 

In today blog post we will be share why change is important and how we change our software solutions.

We at SWIL make possibly every effort to keep up with the changing times and our experience of 20 years proves this.  

Our software products have catered to the requirements of different stakeholders in the supply chain including Retail Store, Chain of Stores, C&F and Distributors and the Parent or the Manufacturing Company.

In Software industry and especially which caters to the requirements of ever evolving Retail sector, where software is very crucial for business and operation, any change small or big it has to be planned well in advance for adaptation.

Change is always considered good, but unplanned change can do more harm than doing any good. SWIL is always working towards planned change and it is a planned activity which we follow religiously.

How we plan changes in our software solution:

  1. With our planned review meeting and discussion with our marketing and customer care teams we get feedback's on new requirement and change request based on their interaction with the client.
  2. The Change Requests are then evaluated by the Product Development team and further discussed on the feasibility and whether the features solve the purpose of a single client OR whether is it beneficial for a segment of clients catering to an entire industry. 
  3. The Change request is then initiated to Development team and the phase includes
    • Development
    • Testing and 
    • Released on finding it fully functional, released it with the new version of the software which may cover other such features as well OR only this feature if it’s unique to a client.
  4. This updated version is then deployed at client end and the customer care team train the client and its operators about the changes in the version and how to use them.
To add on not only did we change our versions and work towards continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, but we also change the platforms, so that the products can work on different platforms giving customers the liberty to work on Windows, Web and Android.

Our Product RetailGraph which is the best software solution for retail stores and chains works on different platforms which include:
  1. Desktop - Windows
  2. Web
  3. Mobile-Android
These applications are unique in their own way and cater to the needs of retailer. Desktops are no more a requirement, rather it has become need of the hour, without which a business suffers, similarly business application on Web and your phone is a requirement now which we have sensed and acted upon it, and going forward this will be a necessity.

Currently we have the same applications being used by different client on Window’s Desktop environment, Web Based Environment with Microsoft Azzure and also on Android.

We believe in continuous improvement, we change continuously. 


Hope you liked the blog, please share your comments.

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