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Transition to a Web Based Application


Today’s story is a success story of RetailGraph which you are familiar of. Hope you remember the story of Mrs. Chopra and Simran, we have shared two stories about how they automated their store operations and have a controlled way of dealing with customers.

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As the time flies by Mr. Chopra has grown her business manifolds, with a humble beginning of only 1 small store now she has 8 huge stores across the county, and counting.

With RetailGraph all her operations were taken care of well, but still she is facing a challenge, yes challenge of accessibility of real time information from all the stores, and to able to calculate a consolidated P&L for her business.

With the existing setup software at every store, she still manages to get the store wise data and reports, but she again needs to perform an exercise to get consolidated figures for her business as a whole.

So she decided to discuss it up with the account manager assigned for her account with the challenges. The conversation and the solution were as below:

Mrs. Chopra: - Hello, I am Mrs chopra...

Acc. Mgr: - Hello, madam how are you.

Mrs Chopra: - Yes I am fine.

Acc. Mgr: - Yes please how can I help you.

Mrs. Chopra: - As you are aware I have 14 stores now and I am planning to open a couple of more in another month or so, this means a lot of travelling is involved for me to manage these stores and to open new ones. RetailGraph has helped a lot as far as independent stores are concern, but now i want to have a consolidated option available for me so that i have all the reports and analytics for my business in a real time basis, this was my purpose to call you to understand a solution to this concern of mine.

Acc. Mgr: - Yes please. I have understood your challenges in detail and the need to have a consolidated view of the information in real-time.

Mrs. Chopra: - Yes

Acc. Mgr: - In fact we have 2 solutions for you to choose from which are:-

1. RetailGraph consolidation: - same setup as you have but the Masters will be maintained at a single Location (HO) or the location you spend the maximum time, from there all the prices, categories etc can be pushed to other locations and consolidated reports and analytics can be received.

2. RetailGraph Web Module: - Everything will be on web and the username and password will be shared to the users, this will help you to get into the system any time from any place simply via an internet connection. In this module data will be on server, which you can host locally or can be put on a third party cloud.

And in future we are coming up with our Android module as well, which will have all the information available on you Android Mobile OR Tab.

Mrs. Chopra: - This is quite impressive, I am happy that I am associated with RetailGraph as my Garments Store Software. For now I will select the 2nd option of Web based Software solution, but tell me what about the data base how to maintain and manage it, currently in our existing decentralised working we have data locally maintained and backed up. Please explain how it will be managed if its all web based

Acc Mgr: - Yes sure. In Web based approach, we recommend to host your data with us or with a third party solution provider. This will ensure safety and security of data, many owner have the question in mind that will my data be secured with 3rd party or not, to which our answer is that your data will be most secured with them, as they are professionals and use tier 3 and tier 4 data centres to manage the data with high end encrypted security levels.

And to add on you can also assign area wise and region wise managers with certain rights so that they can view the data from their region only and you being at the top can view each and every detail along with analytics.

Mrs Chopra: - That’s some real insight; I understood, so let us start the transition to the web based module of RetailGraph. Thank You.

Acc. Mgr: - Thanks. Madam, we will initiate the transition process.

Conclusion:- We have solution to all your needs, We grow as you grow, RetailGraph works as standalone application, as online application with Consolidated and a complete online Application for businesses at advance level.

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