Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are you and your Retail Store Independent this Independence day ?


This 15th of August we will be celebrating our 68th Independence day and our freedom from Britishers. But are we really free ? Free from our unguarded thoughts and free our own people who have adopted the British policy of divide and rule, on the basis of cast, creed, social indifference's  well a lot can be discussed and debated over the matter , but today we will be sharing our thoughts on the fact that still many retail stores have not got their freedom and who are responsible for it.

Also we will be sharing how to make your retail store independent.

If we consider retail stores they are a lot dependent on various people and factors in the supply chain, and include:-

  • Suppliers & Logistics Management for in time Delivery of goods at best rates
  • Inventory Management and Control
    • Expiry Management
    • LIFO
  • In store management of perishable and non perishable goods, based on the properties and attributes of the products
  • Handling Sales, promotions, discount and customer engagement
  • Keeping track of offers from parent company
  • Handling breakages and expired items
  • Control over near expiry items
  • Handling multiple locations for sales and billing
  • Accounting and Closing
  • Handling customer advances 
  • Billing and cash handing rights
  • Handling employee’s salary and commission based on sales made by them and much more.
All these responsibilities are being divided within the store as it is almost impossible for a single person to manage all these activities, and hence the Retail Store Suffers.
As these jobs are routine and monotonous anybody who is handling them in a day to day basis is prone to do errors and thus resulting to loss of resources. Majorly people involved in retail store includes the owner, salesman, vendors (suppliers), accountants and the point of sale operator or the one who bills to the customer and takes the cash.

It is important to have a mechanism in place which can manage all these transactions and helps the owner to further strategies peacefully without worrying for the day to day operations.

ReailGraph is the solution to get your store independent, and work most effectively with centralized control in place. RetailGraph is the best software solution for your retail store, it handles all your worries.

Its key of its features includes:-

Best for Point of Sales (POS) :- It handles entire operation required at point of sales terminal, handling offers, promotions, discounts, fast billing, barcode handling, integration with weighing scale, handling return – replacement etc

Best for Inventory Management: - It manages the inventory so robustly that you can never have a expired product in your shelf and keeps check on order generation, shortage, surplus, SKU definition, multiple stock and sales locations, category wise rate & Margin, and complete stock control

Best for Financial Accounting:- It helps in managing accounting till balance sheet and P&L, Bank reconciliation, manage outstanding, PDC & Dishonoured cheques, Handling Taxes, multi level security and user rights

Best for Branch / C&F / Consignee / Distribution setup: - Complete reporting based on sales rep, area, station, outstanding / collection management, reports on ageing analysis etc.

Best for Retail Chain:- It helps in online and offline billing, centralised control, Financial accounting at HO, User rights report,

Job Works Handling:- It helps in issuing material to vendors, receiving materials from vendors and helping in production planning.

There is a lot more which can be shared about RetailGraph which acts as a point of sale software.

Conclusion:- Select the right Retail store software for your store to get the independence you and your store deserves.

Hope you liked the post, please share your comments.

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