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Check Points For Selecting the Best Software Solution for your business

Choose the Best Retail Store Software

With growing competition it is hard to hold the customer rather then making a new customer. We know and always talk about the 80-20 principle very frequently but only a few follow it.

Its the Pareto's principle or the 80-20 rule, which says for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  OR "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients"

Yes this is the truth , that why it is wise to focus on those 20% of your clients that contribute to 80% of your revenues. 

In terms of Retail store the targets are the local residents and the increasing number of online buyers mostly from the 2 to 3 km radius who prefer home delivery.

With the increasing number of Retail software's and variety of options to open you own online store, retailers are left with many choices which leaves them confused with what to choose from. Retailer must be cautious before deciding on the same as this will impact their business.

In today's blog post we will be sharing all all should you check before finalizing a retail Store software solution. 

Sales, purchase inventory stocks are very basic and generic features that most software have and boost about what matters is the specific questions which really matters to your businesses. Few of the questions are as below:
  • The software is developed on which technology.
  • Is it scalable
  • Can i upgrade it to Complete Online Solution
  • Can i have a Mobile App for it
  • How fast is it for billing and reporting
  • How many reports are shared
  • Can we schedule reports
  • Can we share material across branches
  • Can we do product conversion
  • Can we set user, role rights and what the security
  • Can we manage Vendors
  • Can we manage payroll
  • Can we manage advances given
  • Can we manage the Sales man or MR incentive and more
  • Can we Run Promotions
  • Can we do customer engagement via SMS and Email
  • Can we Run Promotions and schemes
  • What is the Support On software
  • Do you have a support team
  • What are the Service level commitments 
  • What do you do for improvements in the software
  • What is the experience of your company
  • Can you share some references
  • Who is your biggest customer in terms of revenue
  • Do you have different modules or is it a single solution
and more. 

Many of these questions may look repetitive but for sure this will give a sense of responsibility in the mind of software vendor before presenting his solution to you.

No matter in what business you are, make sure you choose you clear your requirement clearly and set the expectation right. Any gap in the Expectation and what is being delivered will lead to dissatisfaction 

Since its inception SWIL and its products were highly appreciated and well accepted in the market, and it has been a long journey of 2 decades for SWIL to provide best in class software solutions to end users and businesses.

RetailGraph as a best software solution for retail stores, chains, distribution, C&F, Wholesales businesses, is comprehensive and works across platforms to provide the most scalable and robust software solution to masses.

Conclusion: All these points will help you to stay ahead in your business and serve your customers in the right manner so that you get the most out of your investment. and with RetailGraph certainly SWIL is Leading Towards Intelligent Solutions...for multiple businesses.

Hope you have liked the blog. Please share your comments.

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