Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Customer Retention is the key to Success

How RetailGraph Ensures Your Success Through Customer Retention


In today's blog we will be share, how RetailGraph helped Retail stores and chains to ensure customer retention through customer engagement.

Today's story is of an elderly Couple Mrs & Mr. Joe who were living alone, as their kids were settled in other parts of the world.

They used to keep themselves engaged in daily chores . They have fixed their stores for long now and prefer buying items from them only. There most essential needs were  Medicines, Grocery and apparels, etc from those stores.

As they were the routine customers and were a known face retail stores and the store keeper takes care of there requirements. Mrs & Mr. Joe also treats the Store Keepers with warmth. 

This is a fine Saturday morning when they received a Message from the Pharmacy- "Wishing you a very happy anniversary Mr. Joe, indeed the old couple were overwhelmed with the message as the pharmacy was the first one to greet them on their special day.

This continued when they received yet another SMS from their Grocery store. These messages have touched the old couple emotionally as they can associate it with the long bonding they have with the stores and were glad that the store keeps customer relations.

Well this is just a small story touching two souls and reaching a new level of engagement with the customers. 

But this is just a single thought , just imagine if you and your store can connect with the life of your customers on a more frequent basis.. isn't it would be great.


  • A reminder of from chemist shop stating : Your dosage for the next month is due pls collect
  • A reminder from a Grocery store Stating: New offers and schemes on our prefered purchases and any updates on products we purchase.
  • Reminder from a Apparels store: About fresh arrivals, end of season sale, offers, fresh stock in your size. 
  • And yes there is a lot more with person wishes on your Birthday, anniversary and customized schemes for you and your family on your special day.

I know this is a little offbeat but i wish to tell you this. 

I celebrated my B'day last week, and was overwhelmed when first on opening Google it appeared as a Birthday wish with cakes and candles and later when i received an SMS from my telephone service provider yes  a gift of pack of SMS's free for the day as a b'day gift.

Well these are small things but when packaged and delivered at the right time makes a lot of difference.

RetailGraph as a point of sales software ensures that you retain your customers and have higher retention rates.

Hope you have liked the blog. Please share your comments.

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