Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RetailGraph Software for Home Funishing Stores


HOME Home  Home who on earth doesn't wish to be in comfort of a place called home.

We all love love to spend our quality time with our elders, spouses and kids @ home, and why not we make it the best place to live and enjoy the journey of life.

We eat together, watch TV together, play with our pet and even discuss on our future plans and aspirations.

Home means to lot to all of us and we can't compare our home with any thing else, as its not only a place made up of sand and bricks, but it a place which is full of our experiences which we miss when we are away an are overjoyed when we are back home.

To take good care of our home we decorate it with what we call Home Furnishings, it includes, Sofa, Dinning table, mattresses, curtains, cushions, quilts, bedding, pillows, Rugs, Throws and much more.

We decorate it on day to day, on different themes and festive season is a special time when we love to decorate our home.

The Home Furnishing shop contains 1000's of products for each and every need to decorate the homes and makes us smile.

RetailGraph is the best software to manage the Furnishing Stores and its day to day transactions. Also be known as Furniture store software

Let us understand the business cycle  of a Furnishing store.

  1. Procuring Home Furnishing Items from the Vendor
  2. Payment on receiving or on defined Credit terms
  3. Entry in Stocks and Managing Inventory
  4. Sales on Retail counter
  5. Running promotion
  6. Creating Customer record
  7. Engaging Customer
  8. Giving Discounts
  9. Assessing sales history
  10. Buying Patterns
  11. Fast Moving Items
  12. Slow moving items
  13. Dead Stocks
  14. Purchase and Sales in different Colors and Sizes, Defining SKUs and more.
All this is possible in RetailGraph and you can explore more through our Videos on below links:

Experience our Software Video's on below links

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