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RetailGraph as C&F Software / Distribution Software


I am sure by now you have gone through some of our blogs and are not alien to "RetailGraph" 

Through today post we wish to share more about how RetailGraph is effective in managing companies channel Network, and how it acts as an C&F Software, Distribution Software to an organization.

Whether Organisation is small , medium or large basics to run businesses has always remain the same. You must know what is going around and have fast access to information to take decisions, and effective communication.

We will be discussing about real scenario of a pharmaceutical company with its Head Office and Operations spread across INDIA, their challenges and how RetailGraph has helped them to evolve by streamlining the operation and making the life easier for a lot of people associated with the processes.

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Distribution / C&F / Channel Network : Around 20

Need: C&F Software, Distribution Software, Warehouse software, wholesales software

The Story

The Organisation was running on a Fox Pro based software and were using technology for quiet long, But with changing technologies and advancements they feel that they were stuck and were not able to decide on which software to finalize because they wish to have access the old data as well. 

Some of the challenges ahead of them were:

  • Availability of Resources who can manage the old technology
  • Cost to manage the old system
  • Time Consuming Tasks and 
  • Old technology Vs New Technology GAP
  • How to have smooth Transition 
  • Reporting & Analytics

RetailGraph being the developed on Microsoft .net framework with SQL server as back-end, is running successfully and has a client base of 1000+ clients. 

  • We suggested them to go with RetailGraph Online Implementation mode, as all C&Fs have uninterrupted access to internet. 
  • The Solution we proposed is with single Master Data which will be on Server at the HO of the company and all the location with a real time access to the information. 
  • Sale, Sale return and any other transactions will reflect on a real time basis to the companies Head Office.
  • We customized the reporting as per need, as employees were habitual to see it in a certain format in which it used to be earlier.

  • We gave them the access to define targets of the Zonal Managers, Regional Manager, Area Managers and Medical Representatives.

  • We set the hierarchy and authentication level at each level, like a zonal manager can see the reports and data only of his Zone, his Area Managers and his MRs and not others.

  • This way it helps the organisation to have an apple to apple comparison with transparency and authenticity.Commissions, targets and evaluations were visible.
  • Changes were smoothly made with in the system, and a single change will be reflected across the network with out any hassles.
  • Real time accurate reports and analytic is visible and maanging correct inventory levels is not an issue.
  • Taxation across the country were managed smoothly, as its an inbuilt feature in the software.
  • The shift from the earlier system to the new system was smooth and we managed to have their old data in the new system for comparison and references.
And much more, RetailGraph helped and brought back the organization to normal in less time. The employees involved in processes are relaxed and have more time for other activities.

It would not be wrong to say that RetailGraph has not only streamline the operations but even improved the personal life by providing them more time.

RetailGraph is being used as C&F Software, Distribution software, Wholesale Software and Warehouse Software in many corporate organisation and serving the purpose.

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