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RetailGraph Software for Department Stores

Departmental Store Software | Retail Software | Billing software

There are many names to our product "RetailGraph". It has detailed capacity to work for different formats and department store is one of them.

CCTV camera, RFID tags, Barcode Scanners, POS machines, Printers no we are not talking about some testing lab, but of a Department Store. Today's department stores have adapted IT and are benefited from it.

Different transactions involved in Grocery Store / Department Store /Kirana Store are:
  • Purchase of stock ( single or multiple vendor)
  • Sale of stock (Retail Sales)
  • Schemes / Promotions /Offers 
  • Loyalty Cards / Point sytem
  • Sales Return 
  • Customer engagement through SMS or Email
  • Reporting and Analysis for improvement.
In today's blog we will understand how RetailGraph as a department store software helps in smooth line the transactions for better end user experience.

So let us understand RetailGraph Software in context to Department Store 

As we know and as shared earlier as well working in RetailGraph starts by creating Products for your business and entering different attributes related to your product.

1. We have created products for Department Store format as 

1.1 By Clicking on Form View we can see Products and its attributes. As shown we can add the products attribute. Apart from generic attributes we can add attributes like barcode which can be scanned from the product and stored or generated from the "Generate" button, which can later be printed from the "print barcode"  tab accessible on top right of screen. Other Features are shelf no. of the product (physical location of product in store), min and max stock which needs to be maintained else a notification will come on the bottom right corner of the software. Expiry of the product can be added in best before tab and more.

1.2 By Clicking on "lot details" we can see the purchase transactions of the product if any, or simply we can add the opening stock of the product that we have. similarly in the next tag "image" we can simply upload the product image by selecting from our local drive.

2  Next we move on the Purchase products through , which is done through "Purchase Invoice" as shown below, we select the vendor or can simply select new and add the details, then we enter the product we wish to purchase and simply click on save to save the entry. 

Also tax amount can be seen stating the different tax amount applicable for different products which we entered at the time of Creating a Product in Master.

2.1 We can also enter payment details to the vendor like in cash, card, credit or cheque (will explain later in sales invoice); here we have shown the Adjust Return tab for returning products in case of
  • Expired
  • Salable
  • Damaged
  • Price difference
  • Received short
  • Replacement 
  • Shelf Expired and more
Once we select the Return type and click on back the returned product amount is adjusted in the purchase invoice as shown below:

(Total Amt) 31,600.5 - 2738.54 (Returns)  ==>  31,345.54 (net amt to be paid)

3. Now before making sales we make promotions so that while making sale we can give points to the customers. We need to go to the Master --> Other --> Promotions ; 
With in Promotion we can create new promotion or edit existing or simply view the promotion which already exists. 

As shown below the promotion tab consists of:

  • Promotion on Sales OR Purchase ( we need it on sale so we checked sales)
  • Location for which promotion is applicable (we selected Head Office)
  • Date  and Time of promotion. here in the time we have  mentioned is 2:00 pm to 5 :00 pm which mean daily from date range that is 3rd june to 10th june 2013, this promotion will be effective only between 2:00 pm to 5 :00 pm.
The below mentioned screen shots are of promotion tab and the following details can be included here in like:
Apply On:
  • Product
    • Product can be selected and promotion can run on a Free Product or Free Quantity.
  1. For Example on Free Product (on purchase of 2 pieces of 7 up 2lts (or qualifying Qty), 1 piece of 7 up 500 ml is free OR as specified in promotion)
  2. For Example on Free Quantity (on Purchase of 5 pieces of 7UP 2 Ltrs  (or qualifying Qty), 1 piece of 7UP 2 Ltr is free OR as specified in promotion) 
  • Marketing Group
    • Marketing Group can be selected and promotion can run on a Free Product or Free Point 
  1. For Example on Free Product (on purchase of 100 rupees of (or qualifying Amt) product of specific marketing company , 1 piece of 7 up 500 ml is free OR as specified in promotion)
  2. For Example on Free Point (on purchase of a minimum amount (or qualifying Amt) points are given as reward  (as specified in promotion) which can be later redeemed.)

    • Invoice Value
      • Invoice Value can be selected and promotion can run on a free Product or free Point or billing head
    1. On invoice value of INR 100 (or qualifying Amount) irrespective of Product or Marketing Company , a product of specific value and quantity will be given as a free gift  (aspecified in promotion).
    2. On invoice value of INR 100 (or qualifying Amount) irrespective of Product or Marketing Company, free points  (aspecified in promotionwill be added to the customer's kitty.
    3. On invoice value of INR 100 (or qualifying Amount) irrespective of Product or Marketing Company, a billing head with desired name can be created and introduced at the time of billing.

    4. The Billing head can be create in MASTER --> OTHERS--> BILLING HEAD as shown below

    Once the promotion and billing head is set we move on to Sale Invoice.

    5.  Sales Invoice: The below screen shows the Sales Invoice Screen on top you can also see "print 0" which signifies that invoices is not yet printed and the print count is "0".

    As shown in the below screen, we need to select the customer, if the customer exists its name will appear itself while we start typing his name, else we need to create a new customer by clicking on "new" with in customer name- drop down and fill in the details.

    We need to enter the the products which the customer has selected OR can scan the product and its detail will automatically come on screen. Once the billing is saved and closed the points will automatically reflects against the customer. As we have made a promotion on the Invoice value and a point for 100 rupees, for the below mentioned invoice 4 points will be added in the kitty of the customer "Nikhil Khandelwal" as the bill amt is INR 458.00.

    5.1 When we click on payment details a new window pops up which has different options like cash, credit, cheque / DD, and card. We can select the medium through which we accepts Money and Bill the customer.

    5.2 We can also redeem the points of the customer by clicking on Add / Less and option and selecting the billing head by the name of "redemption points" which we created earlier or any name which we wish to create.
    When "Nikhil Khandelwal" comes again for shopping and asks to redeem his earlier points, the executive will click on Add Less and select billing head "redemption points" he then can click back and come on the main menu of the sales invoice and can save and close the same.

    As shown below, Customer  "Nikhil Khandelwal" has 4 points which are reflected at top of the below screen. So INR 4.00 is deducted from the invoice and customer has redeemed his points.

    Before we move on to next point we would like to remind that RetailGraph is a Software product which works for various formats like Pharmacy Software, Retail Software, Grocery Software, Departmental Store Software, Distribution Software, and much more. And in this blog we are discussing about "Departmental Store Software".

    6. We can schedule SMS and Email to customers and for internal use. It is also used as a means of  customer engagement and Reporting, as we can send
    • Anniversary
    • Birthday
    • Messages
    • Reports
      • Sales and Stock
      • Product wise Sales
      • Product wise Purchase
      • Sales Transaction
      • Purchase Transaction
    • Transactions
      • Sales Order
      • Sales Invoice
      • Sales Challan
      • Sales Return
      • Sales Credit Note
    On desired interval to customers and for internal purposes via SMS and Email.

    7. Reporting and Analysis are one of the most important features of the software as they gives us the visibility to take important business decisions.

    We will be presenting a few of the reports for reference, however there are a lot of reports and analytic available which can be utilized.

    7.1  MIS report ( VIEW --> MIS VIEW)

     This one is a single dash board analysis view which shows:

    • Category wise stock
    • Vendor wise purchase
    • Best selling Items
    • Best selling Products

    Other reports and details can also be seen from the details mentioned above.

    7.2 Sales and Stock Report ( REPORTS --> INVENTORY REPORTS --> SALES AND STOCK)

    The above reports is a detailed reports on sales and stock details, a summarized version of this report is also available. Also we can include and remove different parameter from "set grid layout" which available on a right click of mouse.

    7.3 Sales Transaction Reports & Graphs

    This feature helps us to design our own reports for sales and transaction with different options available within it.

    Gives us customer wise facts and figures which can be utilized to take special care for privileged customer which gives maximum sales.

    As shown below we can have a graphical representation of the same , and even different options like Pie chart, bar Graphs and more are available with in it.

    7.4  Current Stock Profits

    This report shows us the profitability analysis on different products

    We have just shared few of the reports and analysis in this blog however there are many options available in RetailGraph which can be used.

    Apart from these there are some other related options which are useful for department stores which are

    8. Product conversions ( INVENTORY --> PRODUCT CONVERSION):
    For Example A Bag (BORI) of Wheat / Grains OR any other product is purchase which is 100 kg in weight and we wish to sale it in small packets of 1KG and 5 KG for the retail customers, so basically what we are doing is converting the product which can be done as below in the software.
    • In Input product we enter the product which is more in weight in our case BORI =100 KG 
    • In Out put Product we enter the product of lesser quantity. 1kg and 5kg

    For example in the below mentioned product conversion, we have take 1 Qty of BORI which is  100 kg and converted it to 1 KG packets of 50 Qty and 5 KG packets of 10 Qty which equals to 100 kg.

    9 Reset Sales Rate ( PURCHASE --> RESET SALES RATE):
    For example for certain category of products the rates keeps on changing on a daily basis and in that case it is difficult to keep a tap on it.

    To handle this situation the  feature "Reset Sales Rate" is available as shown below

    Here in either we can add products one after another and enter rates or we can select the products category and enter all products of that category and change the rates one by one OR if the change is same in all the products of that category we can enter for once in the rate change percentage as mentioned above and then can click on
    • Update Product (changed rates will only be effective for the new purchases of these products)
    • Update Product and Lot ( changed rates will be effective for existing product lot as well as for the new purchase of these products)

    10. Sales Invoice Print Preview: This is a sample sales invoice, it can be customized as per need.
    11. Barcode Print Preview: As shared earlier we can print the barcode of products and can paste them on different products, which can be used during sales invoice as we simple scan and bill for the product.

    A sample Barcode Print Preview will look as below
    With this we would like to conclude this blog.

    The message we wish to convey through this blog is that 

    "RetailGraph Software acts as a best sales and accounting person for you & your Department Store and you must have RetailGraph Software as a Departmental store software."

    Hope you have liked the post. Please share your comments.

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