Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apparels Business | Some Facts

Whenever we hear about shopping we all can imagine going to an apparels shop looking for options trying out selected item and then finalizing a shirt, skirt, trouser and so on.
How complicated or easy it is to manage a store or chain of apparel stores.

Through today’s blog i will be sharing some points on apparels store business and how can RetailGraph helps and manages.

Some outright facts for the retail stores are:

· Brands like Benetton, Marks & Spencer and other international store are Open 7 days a week Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm for the customers.

· Season end sales, Season Start fresh Stock, Festive Season, Weekends and Longer weekends (Friday or Monday Off), School/ College Holidays are PEEK time for them and during this time they can’t afford any internal challenge or concern.

· Apparels store usually have 2 Point of Sale Machines on a store area of 8000 to 10000 Square feet.

· These POS machines also have a Barcode reader and a printer attached to it, CCTV, RFID

· Usually the Store software OR the apparels software are managed by a 3rd party vendor and have predefined SLA assigned in case of any fault in the application

· The Infrastructure part is managed by another party again with certain up time commitment and hot with the availability of hot standby incase the system goes down.

· Usually a back up POS arrangement is managed by big retailers to avoid any chaos on peak time, in case a POS goes down

· Product Category, Color, Size and material are some of the parameters of the clothes.

· Foot fall, Foot Fall per square feet, loyalty programs, discounts season end sales, stock clearing sales, Fresh stock etc.are some of the terms which come across if you are in a Apparels store.

· Apparel industry is full of words which are jargons for commoners like us so better check it on

As now as we all are familiar with Apparels business let us enter into a apparels store and shop.

Well Apparels stores in itself have different formats.

For example:

· Mother and Me ( Targeting Needs and requirement of would be mothers and infants)

· Lilli Put (for Infants and younger kids up to 10 years)

· Life Style

· Shoppers Stop

· Fab India and more……

· Patwa

· Rana’s

· Vishal

· National Handloom and many more….

Each store formats has its own target audience and different options.

Beautiful designs colors yes this is the site of a apparel store with different options for everyone.

Trial rooms, and big mirrors for you to try and decide which one suits you better, and then you move to the billing counter and get it billed and move on happily.

The apparels software’s have made the transactions and processes so smooth that end user as well as the retailer is at a win-win situation.

If we analyze it from customer point of view things like Sale Invoices, Sales Return, loyalty points, bonus points, free gift, special discount, season end sales discount, and many such points were so easily accessible and done.

From Retailer point of view, billing, accounting, request for stock, managing suppliers, analyzing buying pattern, tracking customer history, Analyzing and deploying promotion schemes, customer engagement through sms and cards, sale manager wise performance report and much more is available.

It would not being unfair to say that software’s have made our life a lot easier.

Today we can assign multiple users with in store with different rights and can have a real time view of our analytics across the globe at different stores.

I think it is time for all retailers to introspect and feel the importance of software and how they all will get benefited with it.

And it is needless to say that not only retailers but it is the end customers who also gets benefited and a great experience.

Hope you have liked the blog.

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