Friday, March 22, 2013

Retailgraph Friend to Every Retailer

Retail !!

The word Retail is an essential part of every ones life, right from young children who goes to a retailer for a chocolate to a senior citizen who visits the same retailer for his needs. Retail is an integral part of every ones life and the retailer becomes our friend.

Indian retail have expanded and grown many fold since early 90's and is still evolving and Information Technology has played a major role, may it be the POS Machines, Printers, Scanners, Barcode, RFID, or the ERP's and softwares the list is long.

We all agree with the fact that Retail / Trade can run successfully only if the facts and figures of the business are available with the decision makers when ever they want.Whether its for implementing of Just In Time Inventory system , Discarding Certain Product Line, Preparing for promotion, Analyzing trends Or Getting ready for a festive season. Fact's and Figures are essential.

So one thing is clear that Information Technology plays a big role in retailers life as well 

And any retailer would like to have one such tool which tells them 

what to sell?
what not to sell?
how to generate more profits?
how to reduce expenses?
how to open an online extension of store?
how to do all that which is good for business?

Answer is


Retailgraph which is developed by SWIL - 20 years young in industry and with 20000+ successfully managed clients. 


That sounds good and interesting so go ahead and take a tour of the features and Experience the Demo.

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