Friday, March 29, 2013

My retailer with whom i am interacting from a very long time for my daily needs has changed with times and why not, when the change is for good for him and for me (customer)
Let me share a small story.... one fine day a young lad went out of his home to buy some noodles for a small Noodle party with his friends @ home from the nearby retailer, and guess what he has lesser money in his pocket than the actual bill. Sensing the situation the retailer in a familiar and caring way told him "Koi baat nahi baad mai le lengai "No Worries - Pay me later. 
This story is a example of the relationship-belongingness the mom & pop shop retailer shares with us all.The story may keep on changing but for sure we all have one to share.
So coming back to where i started the "change" what is this change i am talking about. 
Well this change is technology- which has given power to retailers and small store chains to analyze and act wise while keeping the tradition alive.
IT has helped them to mange points like
  • Automating Inventory & Purchase Management 
  • Sales promotion handling
  • Remembering more customers
  • Managing Points on purchase 
  • Getting analytics and reports
  • Easier and accurate calculations
  • Managing Expiry stocks
and much more, IT has played a major role in evolving the retailers from Mom and Pop shops to Organised Mom and Pop shop.
The above change good for me as well as i get fresh and latest products, information, schemes and not to forget the same old trust which is now more strengthened.
We are also helping in the evolution of retail by providing Wings to the business.
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