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RetailGaph Software for Shoe Stores

RetailGraph for Shoe Stores

Hello. Today we have an interesting story of a man and his struggle to smooth line his business and work towards expansion.


You just say Ramnath JI'S SHOP and people will guide you till the shop. 

Ramnath ji Shoe Store was a brand that was developed by generation through their dedication and hard work.Ramnath ji was more than half a century old Shoe Store, started by Late shri Ramnath. and was managed by his son Kamalnath since last 25 years, and now its kamalnaths son Gopal's turn to carry forward the tradition or do some thing else.

Being from a business family Gopal poses excellent business acumen since the childhood but to explore the world and learn new things kamalnath has send him to do his masters in business administration and understand business in today's generation.

Kamalnath is going through a tough time in business, due to the increase in inflation, growing competition and ever shrinking margins which are now rock bottom. He  is looking for options to expand in other cities to grow his business and grow the business.

Major Challenges faced by the businesses were:
  • Pilferage of goods causing direct loss
  • Unable to plan customer engagement.
  • Managing Suppliers were a tedious task.
  • Most of the suppliers have automated and discourage him due to difficult in communication
  • Malls and Big Brands have reduced footfalls
  • Manual processes
  • Sale,Billing,accounting, finances, profit loss and over all analysis and much more.
Kamalnath know all this but was unable to control and he shared the concern with Gopal and asked him to take control and grow his family business to new heights rather than taking a job. Gopal being accepted the offer and took this as project to revamp the "Ramnath ji Shoe Store"

Gopal worked in the business for a couple of months with his father and looked closely to understand the past bills, transactions, daily operations and other relevant documents. Gopal came to a conclusion and thought of discussing it with his father.

Gopal told his father that we must go for automation and inclusion of software in our business processes to improve and expand, as managing the accounts and other related documents and current vendors in itself is a so tedious and monotonous job, we can't focus on planning strategies for our business, which is required as we are planning to expand. We must go ahead with centralized software which has all the related features.

Kamalnath : Ok i liked your analysis and approach. Yes we can go ahead, let us search for a solution.
Gopal: Yes give me some time i will search for a shoe store software and we will understand how it can help us.

Gopal searched on web for Shoe store software and he selected RetailGraph Software for a demo and to analyze it against the requirements.

And he saw the demo and took the necessary details from the RetailGraph executive like videos which explains the software and how it suits Shoe Store business and other as well.
He called Kamalnath and shared the background of the software and the company.

Gopal: The software is RetailGraph and is developed by SWIL (Softworld (India) Pvt Ltd) they are 20 years old in the industry and the product RetailGraph has reached a mark of 1000 customers.

RetailGraph is a complete Retail Management System that offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements. This powerful software package automates POS processes and store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with other popular applications. RetailGraph is based on most advanced & proven Microsoft. Net Platform with SQL server as backend & is capable to meet unique & changing retail needs. Retailgraph as name suggests shows you the analytics of your retail business. 

Key Features 

· Fast Billing Process using Bar Codes

· Available in both online & offline modes

· Automate inventory and purchase Management

· Sales Promotions handling

· Payment options for Cash, Credit Card, Cheque

· VAT & Central Sales Tax Handling

· User Defined Day Books & Graphical Reports

· Complete MIS View & Reporting

· Complete Accounting upto Balance Sheet

· Export repots to Excel/Text/PDF Formats


· Fast, efficient & personalized services to Customers

· Plan marketing strategy based on sales trends

· Track consumer preferences & detail purchase history

· Access, analyze and share data across the chain

· Protect your investment with rich support and maintenance offerings

Let us see some introduction videos.



The Software is quite flexible and works across different platforms, Web, Android and Windows.

Kamal nath: Does it Solves our concern related to purchases, Suppose we need to Buy these shoes in different sizes and colors then, do i have to purchase it multiple times ? like different sizes we purchase, managing it is a real challenge.

Gopal: yes they have a solution for it they have Multi Qty editor. as shown below, this solves our concern as qty shows differen sizes option and we can add the qty as required.

Also the Shoe's product master will be seen as below and it has marketing company, category, product, size, color, MRP, Sale rate, Purchase rate it completes what all we need.

it also have a feature for different user roles and rights as we want to give different rights to different employees in our stores

For Example 

Sales Executive
Store Admin / Head
Administrator with all rights

We can define rights as per our requirement. As shown below in Role

We can select the user and click on edit button to edit the rights given to the user as shown below.

Further different users can also be managed from MASTER --> RESOURCE-->USER.

This way we can edit our users rights, id, password, validity and we can have a check on Pilferage, and what to share with whom.

Not only that we can also set our own promotions on festive seasons and can also send SMS and Emails to our customers on their anniversary, birthdays or any special offers.

Kamalnath: These are really good features i think we can start with it.

Gopal: Yes we can we can also See some more videos like these for better understanding.

I found it these user friendly, check these videos.



There is a lot more they have shared , i believe we can go ahead with this software it will help us to mange the operations in a much better manner and we can focus on strategy to open more stores.

Most importantly it works as a best Shoe Store software which will act as a manager for us.

Hope you have liked the blog. Please share your comments below.

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