Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello – I am Retailgraph
I was born in SWIL and happily traveling across the Nation and Abroad
Curious to know more about me ok..
That’s why I am the way that I Am!
Agile, Flexible, Robust, Fast, Analytical, Visible-through Reports
I actually had a decent, solid upbringing…
Because, As far as what I gained through God and my parents (.net and SQL)
I in my opinion, am a great person overall and many people like me and follow me as well
O, and It’s rare to have God in your life and Two Parents Raising You
 …So I’m Grateful to that.

Truthfully Speaking, What You See Now, Is the Result and the Shaping and Molding By God and My Parents ( .Net & SQL)
 See, most software I know didn’t grow up like this…and in such a caring manner and with continuous improvement.
I came from Pink City and have been developed by some really sharp individuals and I enjoy their company, they are my real teachers who with the help of my parents (.net & SQL) update me with good processes & thoughts and eliminate all my ills and bad habits
Let me introduce you with my friends whom I love to help and they love me, they are:
  •          Retailers
  •          Wholesalers
  •          Distributors
  •          Traders
  •          Store Chains (gifts, stationary, books, grocery and many more)
I just love helping my friends in their day to day operations and i am quite good at it and they love me for that.
      Just to tell you i help them with
  •          Inventory & Purchase Management
  •          Accounting and Balance sheet
  •          Sales promotion Handling
  •          Remembering customers
  •          Sending wishes on birthdays and special day’s
  •          Faster and accurate calculations
  •          Faster and accurate reports and analytics for business growth
  •          Managing customer wise points on purchase
  •          Alerts on expiry details of items
Uff: There are so many things i do, please visit

MORE about ME & My Friends Coming soon.
Be me friend and allow me to help you.
Join me on below links
- Thanks for Reading… The Story of Retailgraph
I hope I revealed some things you didn’t know… Please leave a comment below…

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